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Beware: Here be Dragons

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"Beware; Here be Dragons"

The game was becoming boring.

Once upon a time it had been a darwinist struggle, an addiction, a puzzle to conquer of which she'd sell her soul and virtue in pounds for its idiosyncratic pieces, all the while determining only vaguely where her next meal would come from and whether or not there were demon hunters waiting outside her cove for her to sleep so they could storm in and slay the mythical beast...This had been so much willing obsession breeding in her brain since the moment she'd arrive here young and vestal and in recollection likely begging to be split open to the skull. Enjoying the convoluted psychosis of it all. Enjoying the fatalistic thrills. 

But the game was becoming boring. And Shay hated boring. Long stretches of peace were not inherently bad, but the red haired beast found herself in desperate need of amusement. 

Where had the depravity gone from this hellhole, where everybody strutted around like they meant business, irrational aggression the noxious brew of either heat softening the brains of naive recruits or simply the whimsies of the useless, inbred psychotics Sleibte attracted like children to crackers and juice? Where was the spark, the spatter, the fire, the life, the screaming, the brawls, the megalomania, the dirt, the death? No longer did she doze away wondering too serenely if she'd awaken with a set of teeth her in throat, but with the silence of a lame defanged totalitarian society rocking her to sleep alongside a thousand snippets and statistics on locals whose lives could disintegrate for all she cared. Peace and harmony alike were utterly depressing, but though she might turn disenchanted and loveless on the inside, her domesticated lifestyle as a mother was making her...irritable.

And speaking of irritable, it seemed two long rows of teeth found themselves embedded into the dragonesses neck. 

And horns...

And damn there every limb she had. 

An audible groan erupted from her lips, burning golden eyes lifting slowly as the woman lifted her head to see several little beast biting at her flesh...beast she had apparently given birth to. 

Teething already it seemed, much to her dismay. Scheherazade rolled her eyes so far into her head she could see her ass, reaching out and prying one of her hellbeast out from her bosom and huffing. 

"Ok, ok i'm up. I'm up, get the fuck off me ya little bastards." She grumbled, pushing her elbows into the back of her bed and sitting up, seeing the little dragons all scuttle and pile onto her belly as each of them jumped up and nipped at her. Clicks and echoes erupting from their little jaws as each of them pretty much demanded food. 

Shay blinked, pulling her legs over the edge of her bed and yawning with her children all fighting for space in her lap as she put her hands down and pushed all of them off and onto the floor in a single sweep.
"I am not your fucking couch." She mused, standing to her feet and stepping over the little lizards and making her way out of her chambers and down the hall of her golden palace. 

Running her fingers through her hair the woman went on to do her daily routine...with several baby dragons snapping at her heels at any given opportunity. She figured it would probably be wise to feed them before they ended up chewing up her precious home...

Perhaps a family trip to the market, to see what her worshipers would offer their future guardians. Shay grinned, glaring down at the reptiles who all ran circles around her in some tragic game of ring around the Rosie...

Shay whistled, snapping her fingers to grasp their attention which worked well enough. 

"So, mamma needs to get some things...and you can't be left here with the maids cause they hate when i leave you alone with them. So you're coming with me to the village." She'd explain, all of her offspring spitting smoke and embers from their jaws in excitement. 

"But...rules. No fire, no biting...and no stealing. I'm lookin at you Midas."  She hissed, beaming her eldest son a fierce glare which made the little beast scoff in rebellion. 

Shay rolled her eyes reaching downward and grabbing the furred dragon adorned in golden markings and pulled him up to eye level. "Scoff at me again you little shit, see if i don't take away your precious gems and add them to my collection." She growled, evoking a rather sad whine and screech from the child as he practically protested to the idea of his mother taking away his shiny things. 

He had his mothers obsession with gold, that was for sure. 

Seemed all of them inherited at least one of her unhealthiest flaws...dealing with all six of them was going to be hell in the teenage years~

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Climbing mountains for gold was a first, and it was certainly easy money. At least until she got to the whole "dragon slaying" part. The gold she'd slipped into her purse was of a nice weight, and had clearly been donated to the village leader by anyone who could work. Climb the mountain, slay the dragon who reigned terror upon their village. Their words, not hers. But who was she to decline payment for such a noble cause?

Vivera snorted.

For such a threat to their little village, they could have offered her more gold. But money was money, and the demoness wasn't about to turn away the very thing that allowed her to continue living in luxury. The luxury she deserved. However, climbing a mountain in her boots was certainly not how she wanted to spend her day. Especially when it meant ruining her shoes? She had better things to do. Better ways of traveling. The woman stood at the base of the mountain, head tilted skyward to the summit. She couldn't see much, her vision obscured by the atmosphere, but Vivera was quite certain she saw something glittering. Now that was interesting.

Her form began to change as her shadow rose up to consume her. Limbs cracked and twisted as Vivera sank down into a long feline form, her fur dark as night. As a panther, she felt powerful and strong, with lean muscles that would make the climb as easy as flying. She coiled and sprang, leaping from rock to rock with great agility and ease. It was still an agonizing climb, and by the time she reached the top Vivera's muscles were screaming. But what was a little pain for all this gold?

And gold there was.

A castle, no, a palace of golden splendor topped the mountain. How...subtle, she thought, eyeing the building critically. Stalking low against the ground, keeping to the shadows so her stark black figure wouldn't stand out against the wonderfully extravagant building, the demon could smell power. A dragon--several of them--lurked within. Now this was interesting indeed. If the dragon she'd been paid to slay had an entire palace of gold, surely the villagers could have scraped together more of their own gold in payment. It was rather insulting, really, and Vivera let a grow rumble out from deep within her throat in her irritation. Still, if she were to slay this dragon, it was wise to take a look around, and her current form was incredibly conspicuous.

So again her form changed, this time shrinking to one of a cobra, with deep black scales that glimmered purple in the light. While still darker than her surroundings, cobras were much smaller than panthers, and like all snakes, cobras were especially good at watching and waiting. She coiled herself on a rock near the front door and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

How long would she need to wait before the master of this house make themselves known? Though the demoness was thankful for the time to herself. She'd things to think about, like the paltry amount of gold her employer had paid her. Perhaps switching allegiances would prove more fruitful for her? After all, with such a display of wealth on the outside, there could only be more splendor within. And if given the opportunity to gain even a fraction of that wealth, well, a little betrayal wasn't beneath her...

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