Welcome to Antarsia! The site where fantasy meets reality and anything is possible. Ancient beings come back to life to retell their tales and allow you to experience it with them. However, the site itself is driven by the creativity of the writer. The site thrives on how creative the members can be and how far they can push the boundaries of their own mind. The lore is written with leniency; allowing flexibility for all types of roleplayers. We encourage people to submit or inquire if they want to see something changed or challenged.

The species and lore we have so far are just the beginning of what is to come. The site will continue to grow as the plots, world, and the member base flourish. We thrive on the idea of creating an environment that is drama free, laid back, and fun so everyone can enjoy what they joined the site for: writing!

Site Rules

  1. Antarsia only allows one account per member, and do not have separate character accounts.
  2. This site is a mature site and as such, members will be treated as an adult. That means any temper tantrums, whining, guilt-tripping staff, etc. will not be tolerated. Those that act like a child, will be treated like a child and can result their removal from the site. Also note this site is for 18 year olds and up so only adults are allowed on site.
  3. Please be respectful of other members and their opinions. If someone has an opposing opinion, healthy and respectful discourse is encouraged. However, if insults or rudeness ensue, staff will close the topic and warn any members being disrespectful. Those who choose to pursue the topic after this risk a ban from the site.
  4. Staff will host regular roll calls. Staff will post a board that will ask for everyone to post a reply to it within a certain amount of time. Those that do not respond to these will recieve an email. Those who do not respond to the email will be deleted and their characters archived. If a member puts up an inactivity notice or responds to the email letting staff know what is going on, they do not need to worry about deletion.
  5. Similarily, if members are inactive for a period of one-two months (have not logged on), staff will send an email. Same rules apply as the previous rule.
  6. Spamming (including begging someone to reply, or posting one or two word responses to threads in or out of character) or double posts found in or out of character will result in a warning.
  7. No Drama! Any disagreements should be taken to private communications. If an issue cannot be resolved, do not hesitate to contact any of our admins; staff will help to resolve the issue.
  8. Antarsia does not accept bullying. If staff is notified of an incident, staff will investigate the matter. If the party is considered guilty, potential suspension or banning may occur depending on severity.
  9. Once something has been submitted to the site for lore the site will not remove it. It belongs to the site as members agree to this rule upon their registration. However, we will credit the orginial owner for the information and they are free to still use it for personal use. Staff will work with the former member to come to an agreement on the use of said material.

Roleplay Rules

  1. No Godmodding or powerplaying. If your character needs to do something to another character, make sure you have explicit permission from that character's player to do so.
  2. Do not claim control of or accuse other members of "not playing their character correctly." What is correct or not for a character is up to the character's player to decide, and accusations such as this will result in the accuser being warned.
  3. There is no word limit, but we expect posts to actually move the thread forward and have enough content for partners to respond to. Unless absolutely necessary, there should not be one-liner posts.
  4. Please note that our roleplaying level is moderate to advanced. Although the occasional typos are fine, please proofread and/or spellcheck posts before posting. Chatspeak is absolutely not allowed in IC posts.
  5. Antarsia is a 3-3-3 rated RP site as defined by rpg-rating. This means that language, swearing, mature language, and sexual content is permitted. Anything goes on Antarsia.
  6. Label your threads if they are mature. Since we allow sexual content, threads with nudity or mild sexual content such as heavy kissing or petting must be marked with [M]. Threads with sexual content beyond that, such as the actual deed, must be marked [E].
  7. We have semi-liquid time, of up to one month either forward or back in time. Anything a player wishes to play out of that time range in the past should be placed in the corresponding forum category rather than the continent forums. However, continuity is still present in canon. This means that although characters are able to participate in multiple threads at once, make sure they are not in two places at the same time IC unless it is an ability that was previously stated. If members cannot keep track of the times of their threads, do not place characters in more than one thread at a time. If members are found to be breaking this rule, they will be warned and one or both of their threads halted until this is resolved.
  8. We do not limit the number of characters members have; however, members must have a complete and approved app for all characters that are in use IC. If a member uses a character that does not have an app, they will be warned and the thread closed.
  9. Memebers may only make a character in a plot position if they have been selected as the plot-holder for that position and their application approved. If they have not been approved and create a character in a plot position, the member will be warned and their character deleted.
  10. If a member holds a plot position, they are allowed one month without contact before staff messages them and their position will be stripped. If a member loses the position, but returns once more, they must reapply for the position. If the position has been taken, they must wait for it to be opened once more to apply. These members who bully the new position owner will be warned and potential suspension or ban depending on severity. Bullying is prohibited.
  11. Please be respectful of the roleplayers found here. If someone is uncomfortable writing or reading something, please do not push the issue and respect their boundaries.
  12. This is the most important rule: Have fun!