Meet our Staff

Here you can find the various staff members who help to make this site run smoothly! If you are looking for help, look for the corresponding color to the position. Below are the staff positions and what they do along with who are our current staff members!

Monarchs are the administrators of this site. They are the most knowledgable of staff and usually set the standards for what can be found on the site.

Lords are like our moderators but they are more involved. They help Monarchs in managing both the forum and the Discord as well as help with creating lore for the site, helping with plots, events, and more!

Squires are staff members in training. This means that they are still learning to become either a Lord and thus, may get things wrong so be patient with them!


Hey! My name as you can tell is Andromeda. I am currently 22 with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. I am currently Medical Tech in training! I have been in all types of sites and this is currently my baby. I have put a lot of hard work and sweat into this with my other staff members. I come from more humble backgrounds with my father having started his own business to try to make his own dream. My mom works forty hours a week, and well my siblings are just kinda there. I currently have three pit bulls, one lab, and two cats. I work as a cashier and trust me that gets to be a bit of a strain not because of the employees but the customers. I also lab tech at my school and help set up all the organic labs. I have been roleplaying since the fifth grade! You can do the math there. ;) It’s been a long time since then and I originally started with wolves before working my way down to warriors and then to medieval. I will admit I am a bit shy at first, but I love to hang out and plot! When I’m not roleplaying I am playing video games.

Contact me

Discord: sordid-justice#6617
Email: [email protected]
DeviantART: sordid-justice
Or you can pm me here


Hey peeps. The name’s Achera, Hera, or Era for short. I am the current site artist along with being one of the main staff members here. I’m a 21 year old junior graphic designer in college. Can you see why I’m the site’s artist? ;) I’ve been roleplaying since 4th grade maybe? Either way it has been awhile. I enjoy spending my time drawing, plotting my babies, talking with friends, and when I’m not doing any of these, I’m probably watching something with murder. Come chat with me! I don’t bite! …most of the time.

Contact me

Discord: Accenlia#0673
Email: [email protected]
DeviantART: accenlia
Or pm here!


I'm Kila, or FriedKilamari if you happen to be on twitter! I'm a 28 year old professional artist for hire, and I've been drawing digitally since 2012. I'm also everyone's mom, apparently. I have many adopted children. Don't ask me how--I don't know. I've been roleplaying for over 13 years, been staff of multiple sites in the past, and love world building and plotting with others! When I'm not roleplaying or drawing I can be found napping, watching let's plays, playing copious amounts of video games, or annoying any one of my many pets.

Contact me

Discord: FriedKilamari#4706
Email: [email protected]
DeviantART: DeepFriedKilamari
Or you can pm me here