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[O] Turnabout is Fairplay...Or not?

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Players involved: Lielixthe
Characters involved: Ivankelle
Setting: West Sleibte, Madefactus Lake
Time: Two hours before nightfall
Weather: Lightly snowing

- BOOM - 

The explosion was nothing like her usual fireworks. Those were more bark than bite, meant to bedazzle and entertain. This one, this one was meant to hurt. Ivankelle's entire arm was tingling; she wasn't used to firing off blasts at such close range. It had been something close to reflex; sheer instinct as she reacted to the threat of being plunged into ice-cold water. Cold and deep enough to drown in. Pushing through the aftershocks of the blast, she stumbled forward to the fallen figure on the ground. 

He was in far worse shape than her, handsome face scratched with dirt and clothes singed in places. The teen had been unable to put up much of a fight as she pulled them further away from the bank of Madefactus, though an attempt was made to get away as she clinically divested him of any belongings apart from the clothes on his back. Said attempt earned him only a quintet of fiery rings encircling him, tightening in threat whenever he so much as breathed too deeply. 

"What? Only this much? Che..." Ivankelle gave the items an disparaging kick, sending up a flurry of snow that settled starkly against the hems of her clothes. She sighed, muttering to herself."At least that means there weren't any other victims...hopefully." The softness in her voice was gone when she addressed her then-assailant-now-prisoner, going on a guess and hoping to intimate the blonde-haired teen into telling the truth.

"Tell me! Where are the others!"

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"Others?" A voice called from the shadows. The shadows pulled back to show a tall lean man with black hair and white highlights. His dark grey eyes almost black making the iris and pupil bleed together. He tilted his head very slightly as he watched her. "What is going on here?" He looked upon the scene. He hadn't been in the area long, but all the ruckus was gathering his interest. It definitely was causing a stir within his domain of the earth. He could feel the vibrations from miles off as the ground shuddered under the impact. It made his hair stand on end. 

He looked between them again. "... Is everything... okay?" Part of him wondered if he should step in on this. He felt his magic twitching at his finger tips should he find this getting a bit hairy to say the least. "I mean there is no reason to kill anyone here right? Come on... Let's talk."

"Let's start with names. I'm Calix, and you are? What about your....friend there? What is his name? We can talk this out as adults?"

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