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A Sudden Storm

Four Moons Watching Offline


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Players involved: Four Moons Watching
Characters involved: Miara
Setting: Southern shore of Odslig Lake
Time: Current, midmorning
Weather: Absolutely pouring rain, and there's a thunderstorm on the horizon too



Miara wasn't usually one to swear, but here she was, caught out in the rain with her legs scraped up from undergrowth and her hair in a hopeless mess and nothing to even show for her ill-fated errand. She'd been gathering clay to make replacements for a couple of broken teacups, but it had washed away when the rain picked up.

Resigning herself to returning empty-handed, she turned and began trudging (there was really no better word for how she had to slog through the mud) back home, shivering and cursing her luck.

Of course, the day just had to go from bad to worse. Thunder rumbled ominously in the distance, startling Miara. The little nymph flinched and tripped over some rocks, brushing by a thorn thicket on the way down and picking up even more scrapes.

Worst of all, when she tried to stand up again, she found that she couldn't. The mud was too deep; her hands found nothing to push herself up against, and she was too cold and exhausted to get back to her feet without using her arms. She tried healing herself to get some strength back, but it just wasn't enough.

Getting desperate, she gathered the last of her vikta and freed one hand from the mud to throw a brilliant flash of light into the sky, the blue of her magic luckily distinct from the white-gold of lightning. She took off her hat and held it up to make sure she was visible above the mud and waited anxiously for help, or the storm, whichever came first.

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The rain and thunder had no effect on the man who made his way through it, even as the lightening struck in the distance he dare not flinch; his eyes glued upon the path before him. Perhaps the thing to hate, however, was the thick mud it seemed to create below his feet. Not as harsh in areas where the foliage was most dense, but worse where it was thin, dying.. barely there. He growled in frustration, his dragon like feet practically sunk into it, caking him in the sticky substance.

He could shift, make it easier, then again.. he could also make it so much worse as well. The large the body the more it would sink into the soft earth; something no being really wanted to happen. In the sky, there was soon a bright flash of light, far different than the flashes of lightening that lit the sky. No, much different really, perhaps a look would kill any curiosity about it.

Slowly the large hybrid moved through the trees, feet sloshing, tail creating deep grooves in the ground behind him. If he was to be tracked now, it wouldn't take much to actually be able to find him. With the pouring rain, however, there would be no reason to be out tracking anything. Well, he was surely out in this, and there was no doubt in his mind that he was not the only one. Storms struck when they wanted, unchanging by man or beast.

The further he'd taken himself, the more he could make out a small body in the mud; trying their hardest to stay above the thick mud. Their hat was held in the air, desperate, he could practically smell it in the air around him.

Closer and closer now, he was right upon them, where the mud started to pull his very own body as well. Damn this was much deeper than he'd expected at the time, but perhaps not as deep as to swallow the entirety of his being. With one massive, clawed hand, he grabbed onto the beings arm and started to pull. The mud may have been thick, but his strength was well enough to overpower it as the small woman started to appear from the mud.

Dirty, filthy, it covered her from head to toe; even as the water from the rain started to clear it from her form.

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