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The Grand Sphinx

Scylla Oceanic Offline


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Players involved: Kila, Scylla Oceanic
Characters involved: Hera Scylla Oceanic (Scyalla Oceanic), King Amun-ra (Kila)
Setting: Eden, Sleibte. The center of the Nkazon desert.
Time: Current, early afternoon
Weather: Hot and windy

The young female sphinx wings were spread fully as she flew in the air in the kingdom of Eden. She was already granted entrance by the guards, probably because she was a sphinx herself. Hera wore elegant silk and her hair was in a regal up do decorated with shiny gems. Finally, she circled in on the palace that was in the center of the city. She was here on important business, she was here to meet the king of sphinxes. Hera landed elegantly on her paws in front of the entrance to the palace. There were beautiful fountains, water walls, and lush greenery, everything a creature could dream of was here. The young sphinx was not surprised by the palace at all, she has been here many times before. Not only that, but she was a sphinx, used to the life and luxury that came with her species. The very fact that she was a sphinx, meant that being vain came with her personality. That's just who she was.

Hera walked into the palace as each step advertised the pure power in her form. Her wings were folded in and her head was held high. Hera was not fazed in the least in meeting the king, but this would be her first time meeting him. She may be 105 years old, but in sphinx culture, she was still a young adult. She made her way in the center of the palace, and her eyes finally fell upon a powerful form walking among the palace halls. It was the king himself. Straightening herself up, she walked until she was standing right in front of the royal sphinx. "Hello, King Amun-ra. It is quite the pleasure to meet you in person. I am Hera Scylla Oceanic of the Oceanic bloodline. In my 105 years on this world I haven't met you yet. How peculiar. I would like to speak with you if you're up for conversation." Her voice held class as she spoke to the king.

Hera admired the king's strong physique and everything else about his form. She then sat down in front of him, shoulders squared in confidence, but respect held in her gaze for her ruler. Hera knew a formal greeting would be enough, and perhaps being close to royalty would boost her standing in the world of sphinxes. Now, she was just interested in getting to know, her king, better. The sun hit Hera's golden fur, giving it a shiny look. She curled her tail over her front paws to show that she was interested for conversation. Now was the opportune time to see exactly who the ruler of her kind was.

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