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[M] An Intimate Morning

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Players involved: Vaekirri
Characters involved: Hadrian/Percy
Setting: The Redstone Keep
Time: Current, 9:00 AM
Weather: Sunny and Warm

Hadrian gently opened his eyes, the light slowly streaming in as he awoke. He felt the firm grip of his husband Percy around his waist, snuggled incredibly close to the younger man. To say his arse was sore would be putting it politely - it ached from how long the two had been at it last night, pleasuring each other as much as they could. But still, he didn't mind it, considering who was next to him. Soft breaths floated down his neck as Percy softly snored next to him, dozing away with a smile on his face. The sun had risen early and was shining high in the sky as the young husbands snoozed.

With that in mind, he carefully rolled onto his side to face Percy, gazing into his smiling face. He had been so beautiful the first time they met, with curly golden blonde hair and grey eyes, as well as a build even bigger than he was. And now that they were married, to him the knight seemed even more beautiful with every moment that had passed where the two had been together.

His lips gently met Percy's in a long, sweet, passionate kiss as he attempted to wake up his love, the blonde beard soft and slightly scratchy against his own. He moved from the man’s lips to his neck, face, and chest, never wanting to leave his embrace - or the bed for that matter.

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