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Haliea: 25th day

Alien Encounter
w/ Avarice
02-21-2018, 09:47 PM
Ventura was wrong about demons, they can be adaptable in conversation in many ways which is quite impeccable with those of experiencing in boredom nature. It was quite clear with her eyes," Indeed I have". She arched her eyebrow puzzled for why exactly he laughed at her in which then she simply brushed off the thought. Ventura would then nod while he explained the situation with his landing skills," I see.. if you like I have a method of training that could help with that, it will involve using my ability to mount on to you in your bird form to help you with your landing as your in motion" she insisted.

As he asked as for why she is even in the forest, she paused appearing neutral for a few minutes in which then she spoke," At first I just came to this part of the world to explore and relax but I grew rather a deeper connection with this forest since I last came, I tend to all whom inhabitant it good or evil as long as your willing to receive the help and not cause trouble". she said calmly thinking about how mother is doing.
02-21-2018, 10:47 PM
Knyte went quiet or a bit, almost out of respect for her opinion. "That's quite admirable of you Tsu'tari. Wish everyone had such balanced views. As I've said, not many are willing to help an injured demon, unless it means they can rid the world of another demon. Not all of us purposefully cause trouble." he placed his hand on his chin in thought. "In fact I think the last time I got into serious trouble like was with that poor chap. Said the wrong thing so... anyway. If there were more who think like you, the world would be a better place."  As they spoke something had pique his interest in their conversation. "I think that I'm done with flying for the moment. though what did you mean when you said you could mount me? Can you change size?"
02-21-2018, 11:27 PM
Ventura slightly smiled in which then she thought about what he said, were their any other tarsians from the other two clans? Maybe that could be her calling to find signs of any one else of her race to gather info about on another. She spoke," Yes it is true not all is to blame, demons can be impressionable but in reality to the lore of demons itself exist an evil history which gives such stereotype existence". she'd say while then folding her arms in thought.

Ventura nodded her head," Yes, I can though I use it only in certain times but this can be an exception for now" she'd say while stepping back a bit. Holding her knees down a little she would jump high up while growing up to only 15 meters still airborne, she was heading straight for Knyte in which then she shrinked into the height of an apple. Landing on a tree she pounced onto Knyte landing on his shoulder," I'm right here." she said amused by her own actions.
02-23-2018, 01:31 PM
Knyte chuckled in amusement before holding the back of her outfit with his thumb and finger, picking her up gently he commented on her actions. "That's a pretty nifty skill, if you had a little adventure in you could make a great sneak-thief for spy for hire. or reach very high shelves!" He placed her in the palm of his other hand. "They'd be none the wiser. And what you said is quite true about demons. Sure our origins are as clean as others, but so much has changed since then. We try to change views but old habits die hard." Seeing her size however brought some new questions, and the thought of a sneak-thief the size of a thimble was amusing.

"Does such a transformation cause discomfort? How long does it take to learn such a skill? MAkes me wonder if it can be taught, you see I've been studying the arcane, I've got some skills in certain areas..." At this he pointed to a seemingly large coin purse he usually kept hidden in his cloak. "I've learned to keep some animal friends myself. I don't go past that with this skill. I'm still trying to master controlling lightning, my last test nearly set a house on fire."
03-03-2018, 04:05 AM
Ventura blushed lightly as Knyte picked her up from her clothes, she would then subside the blush as she spoke of some stealth like idea using her size manipulation abilitiy. She was impeccable using the ancient art of stealth as the trees were her common gudiance to her target. Ventura raised her arm startled slightly as he moved her to his other hand," Well, no not really as I have impressive control over my magic, though it can bring some issues depending on how small or large I get" she says pausing after each question he had.

Ventura would then narrow her eyes trying to remember when she first came here," I think it could be taught though through rigorous training. Interesting.. lightning is very tricky in terms of control which is highly needed when generating or launching any sort of projectile of lighting.." she stated while then hoping off his hand reverting to her normal size.
03-12-2018, 10:12 AM
Knyte nodded in immediate agreement, as he remembered the last few times he tested his skills over controlling lightning. And her comment on learning to change size was also understandable. "Well, maybe I'll have the mettle for such training at some point." He looked over himself one last time to make sure the wounds were well situated. When his inspection was over he stretched to loosen his body.
03-29-2018, 10:36 PM
Ventura's red eyes darted over to a sudden rumble that emerged from the distance, she placed her feet firmly upon the pavement focusing, she felt an abundance amount of vitka opening her eyes in which then she could see what appeared to be a humanoid dragon trampling it's two legged clawed feet towards them both. she would then turn towards him concluding her far sighting eye ability turning her attention the Knyte she had to get him away as he was in no condition to be battling against such a beast. The real question that peaked her interest was why exactly a dragon was in such a dense area," Knyte, we must flee for know, there is a humanoid dragon coming straight at us though it's of fairly decent distance for us to get away" she stated while running towards the tree lines. She pounced upon a tree branch steadying her balance she turned to Knyte to give him a hand," Come up. we shall head through the trees to ensure that we won't be seen by the invader.." she said awaiting for his grasp.

If he were to agree she would pull him up on to the sturdy branch and continue her pace tree by tree, she was effectively moving swiftly like a serpent, the woods was her guide in every way possible. Ventura started to get intrigued by the demon's will to even express feelings other than hatred and chaos.
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