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[Image: tumblr_p07l10udYD1sr8xnbo1_540.png]

Character's Name: Uzumati (Oo-zoo-mah-tee)

Nicknames: Matt

Age: 20 (young adult)

Gender: Male

Species: Bugbear

Strength. Being a very large bear with huge limbs and claws, Matt is very powerful without much effort, able to smash in thick trees with a good thrash. In turn, he is a bit slow.

Illusions. Matt has some power over illusions, though they are not very powerful, nor can he control when they appear or how very well. They usually appear are shadowy figures or even distant, unclear sounds as he picks up on the emotions of others.

Finding. As with all bugbears, Matt is very talented with tracking down anything he is looking for when he puts his mind to it, with the exception of other bugbears, of course.

For the most part, Matt looks like an ordinary bear, but twice the size of a grizzly. He is a hulking black mass, measuring near seven feet at the shoulder and weighing close to three fourths of a ton. All of his coarse fur is pure black and does not seem to reflect light at all, instead appearing almost a part of the shadows around him. Even for a bear, his paws are massive, with enormous ivory claws on his hands that do not seem to dull even as they are dragged across the ground when he lumbers through the forest. His teeth are also quite large, with his long canines often poking out through his lips. The most striking of Matt's features are his eyes, which appear to be small, pale blue- almost white- pools of light.
Curious. Matt is a very curious soul, especially in regards to other people. He spends much of his time observing others from afar, and especially likes to follow anyone who wanders into the forest his inhabits. Due to this, he often knows a lot more about the people in the area than they know of him, and he has a good memory for the habits and feelings of others. He does have some interest in exploring nearby areas and investigating places people frequent (when no one is around), but he tends not to stray far from his home.

Quiet. Much like a regular bear, Matt never has a lot to say. He is very quiet, in movement as well, and sticks close to the shadows at all times. Not unusual for a bugbear, he usually keeps to himself and does not engage in social activities beyond watching others be social. Even if someone were to approach him and try to speak with him, he does not talk much, and any answers he gives are usually short. When spotted, he tends to disappear before anyone can spend too much time with him. This is mostly because he is quite shy and does not know how to interact with others very well.

Empathetic. Despite not showing much emotion himself, Matt is very in tune with the emotions of others. It is easy for him to read what someone else is feeling, and these feelings often affect him strongly. For example, being around someone anxious would quickly make him anxious, and so on. When finding someone with strong emotions, he often becomes avoidant, though in some cases compassion takes over instead. In the case of young girls, he often feels compelled to help in some way rather than walk away.
Matt's father had disappeared long before he was born, leading to the unusual circumstance in which the male bugbear was raised by his mother. Matt and his mother were very close and he always had a great fondness of her, but unfortunately, before he reached maturity, she was killed by a frightened hunter. This left a heartbroken Matt to finish his childhood alone. Possibly because of this relationship, he has a special sensitivity to vulnerable girls and sometimes takes interest in them more than the average bugbear would.

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Matt's been approved! Lemme give this big ol' bear a smooch because he's precious <3

If his name isn't added to the list, just poke staff!

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