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Character's Name: Ai 

Nicknames: None 

Age: 333

Gender: Female
Species: Kitsune 

Abilities:  kitsunebi, and illusions 

[Image: 2dac6be20042462020f3b3d65f56edb2.jpg]

(Pinterest no artist listed)

5'8" Of average height and with a slightly slender build. She has blue-black hair in masses and it often times is the feature which most stands out upon casual inspection of her. She tends to wear it in a loose braid to keep it out of her way, however, when in more formal settings she tends to wear it down. Her features while pleasant are not classically beautiful. She has rather defined features and is long-limbed with long fingers and toes which serve to make her motions more graceful than they might be with another woman. Her eyes are a light brown appearing to be amber in the right light. She will outline them in yellows to make the colors more noticeable.

Somewhat of an introvert when left to her own devices. She also tends to be serious although she possesses a small sense of humor if she feels comfortable with the company she is in. She dislikes conflict and will do what she can to prevent it as far as it concerns her. She tends to hold loyalty in high regard and will often time remain loyal to a fault unless she is proved otherwise and even then she might not completely leave them to their fate. Her introvert can make her perhaps too timid at times. 
History: (If requested or needed to explain the power behind a character)

Roleplay Sample
Ai adjusted her black hood, the damp weather made her glad she had decided to wear it, there were other reasons as well of course. She still felt out of place in her clothing a black shirt and pants along with black leather boots, chosen to allow her to blend in with the crowd. But, Glawrien was used to silks and jewelry. However, her simply braided hair and dark bruise decorating her left cheek, it was starting to swell and rather large taking up most of her face. She had other wounds as well but this one was most noticeable upon casual inspection. She took a moment to steady herself before moving down the street, her hand resting on a wall as the world spun briefly, she was aware that was not a good thing, but not altogether unheard of for some on with a blow to the head. Her ribs were aching as much her head, causing breathing to be as painful as thinking was at the moment.

She did her best to move down the street as a normal person might. She was fairly certain she wasn't being followed by this point, but she wasn't entirely sure.That fact alone was what kept her moving forward. There something in her favor, however, most people who were out at this time of night were more wrapped in their own affairs and it was very easy to over a lone woman in the street. For most of them at least. She was also aware those who might notice her in the middle of the night might not have her best interests in mind. Not only that they might have followed her, she was the only one who made it out as far as she knew, she was counting on herself traveling faster than news did.

Ai's vision was starting to swim however, that and nausea forming in the pit of her stomach told her she clearly needed to find a doctor/healer sooner rather than later. In some corner of her mind, she hoped it was simply the lack of sleep getting to her and nothing more serious. She had fled headlong for most of the night, and the lack of rest certainly wasn't going to work in her favor. Regardless of what it was that was affecting her, she stumbled for a moment before catching herself and moving forward. She didn't manage to get much further however, a lifetime without much need for psychical strain was working against her, the world spun for the last time and Glawrien spilled ungracefully forward as her vision finally faded into nothingness.

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Congratulations! Your character has been approved <3

If her name isn't added to the character list soon, just poke staff and we'll get right on that!

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