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Lyre Argentioris

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Character's Name:
Lyre Argentiora





Musician - Lyre is a gifted musician, and has a knack for playing many different kinds of instruments. She's quick to learn new ones, and many believe her to have what's known as perfect pitch, where she can tell what note is being played, regardless of key or octave.

Charming - Lyre could charm the skin off a snake. While not particularly a skill, she's a fierce negotiator, and is very good at getting the information she seeks.

Athletic - As a dancer, Lyre has a very fit body. She can contort herself into several unbelievable poses, hold herself up with just one arm, and fly through the air with grace. She moves with hardly a sound, an impressive feat for a woman who wears as much jewelry as she can.

Charming - Lyre has a way with people. Even when not speaking she has a way of capturing the attention of others. Sweet and beguiling, polite and just amiable enough to make anyone, man or woman, feel as though they're her world, she's an expert in her craft of word and dance. She holds herself in such a way that invites attention, and is generally friendly and well meaning, but this doesn't mean she's above using flattery and niceties to manipulate others. She's been described as being magnetic, and her charisma draws in crowds. 

Vain - A rather shallow individual, Lyre prides herself on being beautiful. She values this beauty above all else, and doesn't take kindly to those she perceives as less beautiful marring her skin. While she can play the part of acting as though she cares for those less beautiful, her close circle of friends are always those with exceptional beauty. Even her quest for immortality is driven by her vanity, so she may remain young and beautiful forever.

Tricky - Lyre is very tricky and hard to read. As charismatic as she is, it's also a means for her to deceive and use others to further her own devices. A well placed lie can put friend against friend, allowing her to turn the tide and make an ally she needs, or to gather the information she requires. While she can be scheming and devious, it's not something she does often without good reason.

Hardworking - No one can accuse Lyre of being lazy. Hardworking and dedicated to her craft, she's always striving to learn more and improve her skills. Even with the hardest dance steps, Lyre will persevere until she's mastered it. This dedication is what drives her forward in all things. Without this drive, she would be aimless, lost in her despair over the death of her mother and the fear of losing her beauty.

Provocative - Clad in as little clothing as she can possibly wear, many think Lyre provocative and easy. They wouldn't be mistaken. Lyre knows her body is just another tool she can use to get what she wants, and if that means bedding another? So be it. She's not above such things, though she'll only bed beautiful people, refusing to stoop so low as to sleep with one below her standards.

Lyre was born to a traveling troupe of performers. Her mother was a dancer, and her father was an illusionist (or a magician). She grew up steeped in show life, and aspired to be one of the greatest dancers the world had ever seen. She, like her eight sisters before her, trained day and night, and beguiled crowds from town to town as they traveled; but it was their mother who was the star of their act. They say she could pull the very stars from the sky to captivate her audiences. She and her family lived happily, and traveled all across Sleibte to share their crafts. The troupe was well liked, and had many acts--sword swallowers, beast tamers, acrobatics--they drew in crowds for miles.

But the heart of their dance act died with her mother.

Her illness was slow to set on, but robbed her of her youth and beauty. A once spry and beautiful woman grew brittle and sickly, until she finally faded away. As the troupe traveled, Lyre's father sought a cure desperately to no avail, and watching their mother fade away was hard on all the girls, but particularly on Lyre, the youngest. After her mother died, she became obsessed with beauty and youth. When she came of age, Lyre left the troupe in search of immortality, promising to return when she'd found a way to forever preserve her youth and beauty.

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