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The Angel Leaders are all meeting to discuss the war. Read about the outcome Here!
Zombies? Undead?! No! What are these things?! They look.... Alive?! HERE.
A third oracle has died! Aerithe, oracle of Zarkos, died publically in Prerio City square of what many believe to be suffocation. Read more about it HERE.
Oh no the queen! Head over to the Enkratis packlands to find out what happened HERE.
Disaster has struck at the Shrine of Jackroth! Find out what has happened to both oracle and God HERE.

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The Wrath

Unknown, ancient.


War Helvate

His fangs are filled with a poison. He is capable of changing the composition of the poison at will, resulting in different bites requiring different treatments. Despite his size, he is a fast creature, and is quite effective as hit and run attacks. He is also aided by the ability to slip into shadows, using them as a gateway to elsewhere, so long as he can sense the other end.

A massive beast that comes to nearly four and a half feet tall. He has double sets of canines in his mouth, some of them long enough to resemble a saber-toothed beast. His fur is a deep crimson, with black streaks in his fur starting from his neck and leading down to the base of his tail.

Acting as Viorolll's enforcer, Romule is commonly known as a bloodthirsty brute that will gladly tear your throat out if you anger his master. In truth, however, Romule is a rather passive creature. He tends to be a stoic observer, not really getting involved in affairs unless requested by his master. In his youth, he was more reckless, but time has taught him the value of patience, especially since he was granted immortality to keep serving his master.

He is not young, and has been known to offer advice or other benefits to the people in his charge. He is one of the few beings Vioroll would trust with the safety of his family, and the Helvate rewards this trust with absolute loyalty. He willingly accepted Vioroll's brand, mostly for the connection with his master. In exchange, his master rarely uses the brand for anything other than communication.

Vioroll's personal Helvate, he has spent his entire life in service to his master, since the early days of War.

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Website Find
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