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[Image: tumblr_ox7m43ZmBk1sr8xnbo1_540.png]
Character's Name: Kamilo (kah-mee-low)

Nicknames: Kam, Kami, Milo

Age: 207 (Mid-Adolescent)

Gender: Male

Species: Kitsune

Illusions. Unusual for a kitsune but common for his clan, Kamilo has little talent with illusions and can generally only create vague shapes out of shadows.

Fire. In exchange for his shortcomings in illusion, Kamilo has a lot of strength in fire magic. He can conjure large amounts of powerful fire easily, though he has very little actual control over it. Even small uses of fire or being near fire can turn dangerous for Kamilo because of this.

As a human, Kamilo has the appearance of a scrawny, lanky teenager. He stands at 5'11" and about 130lbs, with a thin and bony frame. His skin is brown, similar to the tan color of his fur. Kamilo usually exhibits his form between human and fox, so his tails and fox ears are usually visible.
Much like his body, Kamilo's face is long, thin, and angular. It is framed by messy, dark brown hair that falls below his chin in the front and is cut short in the back. His eyes are brown, with oval, fox-like pupils. Sharp teeth are usually visible behind his mischievous grin.
As a desert-dweller, Kamilo wears light and flowing clothes, often in neutral colors. He is a fan of billowing pants, bandanas, and poncho-like tops, usually without a shirt underneath. Though he prefers to be barefoot, Kamilo will wear simple sandals when necessary. For storage he carries a leather single-strap bag.

As a fox, Kamilo looks well-suited to the desert he hails from. His short fur is mostly a dark sandy color, with brown points on his shoulders, ears, and tail tips. He is lanky, with long, thin legs and a narrow body. Kamilo's ears are tall and pointy. The young kitsune has only three tails, all rather short and light.

Mischievous. Unsurprisingly for his species, Kamilo likes to get into trouble and play tricks on others. He is most known for petty thievery and cons for small profit, but it is not unusual for him to pull mean pranks just for a laugh. Trespassing and snooping around are not off-limits to him. His lack of concern for rules usually does not extend to activities that would physically harm others, and he has no desire to cause lasting damage, but he is not above most crimes of property or causing inconvenience.
Selfish. Kamilo's self-serving nature extends beyond his tendency for sticky fingers. He generally only cares about himself, and has little concern for the well-being of others. The idea of compassion seems like a burden to him, while acting only for himself and using others to his advantage has more benefits. Though he does not necessarily believe he is more deserving than others, he sees no problem in taking the things he wants instead of earning them in a more fair way.
Lonely. Despite preferring the all-for-one approach, Kamilo does crave attention to some degree, and as an adolescent his feelings on this matter are not fully developed. Presently he seeks out negative attention through causing scenes and trickery, which gives him some form of satisfaction. Whether or not he desires or needs camaraderie is a question he has not spent much time on, even though it bothers him in the back of his mind.

Kamilo was born in the Nkazon desert to a sand-dwelling clan of kitsune notorious for being thieves and pyromancers. This clan is small but widespread, usually sticking to solitary life or living in immediate family units but identifying each other by a tattoo on the shoulder given before a kitsune leaves their family.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Names Thread. If your character has not been added within a week, just poke staff.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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