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[Image: tumblr_ov1jfsrfvs1sr8xnbo1_540.png]

Character's Name: Iris

Nicknames: Iri

Age: 65 (Young Adult)

Gender: Female

Species: Bellonese (deer)

Agility. Thanks to being small and slight, as well as to possessing deer legs, Iris is very quick and agile. She can run and maneuver obstacles with little difficulty and almost never loses her balance. Her leaps are especially impressive.
Plant Magic. Iris can use magic that manipulates plants, including influencing their shape and size, improving their health and growth rate, and causing them to move.
Light Magic. Iris has practice with basic healing magic, useful for first aid and minor pain relief. Her healing powers work better on plants than people or animals.

Iris is a little thing, only about five feet tall and one hundred pounds, and most of that is her legs. All of her frame is thin and angular, contributing to her tiny appearance. Starting at the waist, Iris possesses the long legs of a deer. Her skin is fair and freckled, with her lower half being covered in short, light brown fur with white spots.
Iris's face is heart shaped with a small nose and mouth and large brown eyes. Short blonde hair frames her face, falling to about chin-length and curling at the ends. Her cheeks are pink with an abundance of dark freckles. In place of human ears, Iris has large deer ears, furry and spotted like her legs. She is almost always smiling, and her eyes are almost always wide and bright.
Clothes were not common in Iris' herd except for utility, so in private Iris usually goes without. However, as this is not socially acceptable in most other places, she often covers her upper half with feminine, flowery blouses.

Energetic. Iris is a very lively and active person, always bright and full of energy. For someone so small she is quite loud, and is hard to go unnoticed in a crowd. She moves around a lot and does not have much patience for sitting still; even when having a simple conversation, she likes to be busy or at least walking around. Multitasking comes easily to her. Full of stamina, she can work and run around for quite a while before running out of steam. While she is capable of relaxing when she chooses to, Iris has trouble being idle when there are things she would rather be doing.

Bold. For a deer, Iris is neither shy nor skittish. She has no problem approaching strangers, trying new things, or going to new places; in fact, she enjoys these things. Adventurous and even daring, she is not easily put off by the possibility of embarrassment or failure. She is also not afraid to speak her mind, even in tense situations; Iris has been known to get in the faces (as much as such a short person can) of people while arguing with them, which she has no problem doing when she believes someone is in the wrong. 

Compassionate. Iris is very friendly and sociable, and she cares deeply about people and other living things. She wants the best for everyone and feels the need to provide for others, especially those in need. Though she is not in a position to be especially generous, she will often go out of her way to make others feel good when she can with what she has. This is especially true for those close to her, and she loves showering those she loves with attention, affection, and other nice things.

Iris was raised in the forests of Xira alongside her familial herd of deer bellonese, where they often traveled between various small settlements depending on the time of year. Though her parents were present and cared for her, Iris was especially close to her older brother, Hawthorne, who was an important role model for her and had a large role in raising her. Her immediate family's role in the herd was usually related to gardening, and it was because of this that Iris fostered an interest in plants and focused on mastering plant-related magic.
Due to their location in the world, Iris was often exposed to all different sorts of people of different species and backgrounds, so she has always been well versed in the world outside her home. Thanks to this, she developed an adventurous and curious spirit that helped push her toward her current occupation as a traveling florist.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Names Thread. If your character has not been added within a week, just poke staff.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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