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Character's Name: Asy

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 53

Gender: Female

Species: Binturong Kelahati

Abilities: Herbalist- Asy has a way with plants, creating healing potions and pulses from plants she grows or finds. She enjoys making things grow. She's also weirdly adept at climbing trees.

Appearance: Asy is quite striking to pass, with fairly visible Kelahati traits. Her eyes are bright gold and her skin very pale, contrasting with her dark black hair. She wears it long and straight, perhaps with parts tied up in braids. The top half of her hair is a light purpley-grey. Her forearms are edged with silvery fur down to her wrists, as are her lower legs. She has a tail about the same length as her torso, dark black and prehensile. 
Asy is 5'7 in her human form, and prefers to wear pale, form-fitting clothes. 
[Image: juifbk.jpg]

A binturong, or bearcat, is part of the civet family. Asy is a length of around 2ft, and is about the same size as a collie dog. They typically have blue-black fur tipped with silver, golden-brown eyes and long white whiskers. They are excellent climbers and like to sleep draped over branches. They are omnivores, but the greater proportion of their diet is fruit, as well as some protein from caught prey, and live in rainforests. They smell like buttered popcorn.

[Image: Binturong-1a-1194-xl.jpg]

Composed | Devious | Graceful | Patient | Proud

Asy is coldly devoted to bettering herself and securing herself a good position in the world. She takes great pride in her appearance and her work, presenting herself in a certain way that is crisp and controlled. She has a long-term goal for herself, although is reluctant to share her own ideas and motivations. She is adept at redirecting a conversation to the partner, making sure to squirrel away information that she could use at a later point in time. 
She is fiercely protective of her herbal remedies and the recipes for her works.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Names Thread. If your character has not been added within a week, just poke staff.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

Yeeees I love bintuongs!

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