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Vivera the Rose

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Character page coming soon

Character's Name:

Viper, the Rose



Conquest Demon

Shapeshifting - Like all demons, Vivera is able to shapeshift into different animals. The forms she takes are those of an african bush viper, a panther, and a large flying fox. Her forms are all a deep purple in color, almost black, with brighter magenta accents.

Strategist - Vivera is a gifted tactician, and is skilled in the art of combat. She has a calculating mind, and uses this to her advantage.

Super Senses - Like all demons, Vivera has enhanced senses. Better hearing, better sense of smell, better eyesight, etc.

Petal Dance - Vivera can take petals of flowers and turn them razor sharp, sending them after her opponents in a beautiful, yet deadly, flurry.

Poison Magic - She has the ability to create and manipulate various poisons and venoms. This includes being able to create antidotes for them, as well. The poisons she creates come in various forms, most commonly gasses and liquids. Vivera does not have an immunity for poisons and venoms.

Vivera will do anything for money. If you can afford her services, she'll do anything for you. She has very grey morals, and often states, "No hard feelings, it's simply business." She'll even switch sides and turn on her current client, for the right price. She won't work for free, and if you can't pay up front, she'll turn you down--unless your cause is somehow worth it for her. She takes satisfaction in a job well done, though Vivera has been known to do whatever it takes to get her mark.

She's vain to a fault, and loves to adorn herself in finery. She's accustomed to a certain lifestyle, where she has the best of everything, and is going to keep it that way. She only stays in the finest rooms, eats the finest of foods, and courts the finest of men and women. Her good looks are a weapon for her to use to her advantage, and they're a tool she uses well.

Vivera is a crafty minx of a woman. She's wry, and not above playing dirty to get what she needs. Her wit and cunning have made her a sharp conversationalist, and an even better strategist. She's been described by many as a snake, slippery in combat with eyes everywhere. When asked about her past, or herself, she's quick to lie. She's a woman of many secrets, and will take them to her grave.

A sociable woman, Vivera knows the best way to drum up business is to be appealing. While generally friendly enough, Vivera is a rose with many thorns, and will prey on those foolish enough to thing her a simpering damsel. A very proud woman, she doesn't take insults lightly, or the doubting of her skills. It's best not to cross her unless you're prepared to get pricked.

Vivera doesn't speak of her past. All you need to know is that she's been a bounty hunter for centuries, and takes pride in her skill. Human, demon, even angel, she will work for whoever can pay the price.

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Congratulations, your character has been

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Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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