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[Image: tumblr_ovpsl0hnOc1sr8xnbo1_540.png]

Character's Name: Heather 

Age: 419 (Young Adult)

Gender: Female

Species: Mermaid (Betta/Freshwater)

Abilities: Neurotoxin - From her skin, Heather can secrete a toxin that causes pain and redness on contact. Extended exposure to the toxin causes more severe pain and can result in headaches and vomiting, followed by difficulty breathing and, in extremely high doses, cardiac arrest.

Appearance: Heather is a fairly average-sized mermaid, measuring about 5'11" from head to the end of her tail fin. Both ends of her body are thick and curvy, giving her a somewhat heavy-set frame. Her skin is a medium tan, while her scales are a vibrant, reflective violet with some blue undertones.

Everything about Heather is quite round, from her face and features to the shape of her lavender fins. In contrast, her shimmering violet eyes are sharp, with severe brows usually lowered crossly. Her wavy brown hair extends past her waist and is usually kept loose and undecorated.

As a mermaid, Heather has little interest in clothing and usually goes without. However, when expecting to be around humans, she tends to wear short tops to cover her breasts, but rarely more than that. She does have a fondness for jewelry and similar luxuries, and occasionally dresses herself up with sparkling accessories and glittery silks, when she can get such things.

Cold. Heather is not a friendly girl. She does not easily trust or even get along with others, and prefers to be on her own. When approached, she is dismissive and harsh, and often offensive. Sarcasm comes naturally to her, and not the lighthearted kind. It takes a lot of persistence for someone to break through this wall of ice and get Heather to open up at all.

Confident. Despite her closed off attitude, Heather generally feels very good about herself. She likes how she looks and how she handles herself, and is confident in her abilities. While not exactly arrogant, Heather does have a tendency to overestimate herself, which often results in her falling into troublesome situations that she cannot get herself out of.

Naive. Heather has not experienced much of the world and doesn't understand much of how it and the people in it work. It does not help that she is not especially smart. Heather does not know what to expect from just about anything and also is not good at predicting possible outcomes. She is still learning cause and effect in more worldly terms and thus does not fully consider consequences. Having been sheltered in a small community for her whole life, she is completely new to the rest of the world.

History: Heather was born in a smaller lake in Sleibte near the ocean, the result of a fairly short relationship between her mother (a betta mermaid) and her father (a lionfish merman who visited from the sea), a pairing that also produced Heather's slightly younger sister, Holly. Due to incompatibility of both environment and personality, Heather's parents separated bitterly shortly after Holly's birth, after which her father returned to the sea and never came back. The mermaid community in this lake was not particularly large or familial, so Heather's mother was left to care for two daughters by herself, which she detested. Overall an unpleasant person, Heather's mother was not very kind or caring to her daughters, which resulted in increasing tension as the girls grew older.
Eventually, Heather decided that she had had enough of her mother and that she was going to leave the lake and find a new place to live. Being a freshwater mermaid from a small lake with basically nowhere to go but the ocean, she would have to be creative to actually end up in a suitable home alive, but she was determined.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Names Thread. If your character has not been added within a week, just poke staff.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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