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KoimataHuman possessed by Kitsune

Age 19 (human) 3,200 (kitsune)

(H) 5'5" (W) 110lb


'Kitsune are cunning creatures, born of trickery and magic. Some, are more nepharious then others. Before Koimata, there was one such individiual, prone to all sorts of mischief; thivery, lies, mayhem. The sort of fox who drew the eyes of the royals, denied his ninth tail soley for not abiding by the rules instilled for peace, the sort who was dubbed incapable of 'rehabilitation.' Hunted, one would think this fox was fated to a miserable end, and yet, he was far too cunning to go silently. He left his body to perish, and chose to instead dwell in the body of a human child, creating a most unusual creature. Not quite kitsune, yet, no longer human, Koimata could hardly even be considered halfbreed. Two souls dwelling within one body, the boy has long forgotten his memories of what came before, what defined the human, and yet, the fox does not reign supreme, living in the solence of his mind whereas the boy is often the facade one would meet in interaction. They know what he is, yet has chosen to leave him to live, if only for the fact that they could not condone an innocent for the actions of another. He wonders, looking for that sense of self he has long been denied, slowly becoming something, someone, completely new.'

♢ appearance

A collision of worlds, that place in the middle where two vastly different beings met in equal standing. The fox, pitch as night, and the boy, pale as a waning moon. A strange creature some would say, intrigued by the mix of black and white upon his brow, silken tresses falling to the apex of his hips. Skin nigh translucent to the pulsing blue veins below, eyes as red of polished ruby, a tall, willowy body, caught somewhere in that final cusp of adulthood. A single tail and ears that gave away too much, the markings of his secret 'friend' more oft than not black rather than reversed. For such a flamboyant creature, Koimata clings to more sullen wares, perhaps one last push for his command upon their shared battlefield.

♢ personality

Koimata: Shy - Considerate - Dreamy - Naive - Self-depreciating
The Fox: Mischief - Reckless - Promiscuous - Possessive - Untrusting

♢ Abilities

Though the Fox is an 8 tail, Koimata currently only has access to 1

Illusions: A novice in the masterful art of the kitsune, Koimata has only just begun to grasp the nature of illussions that possess the senses. He has been shown to be able to take on other forms (child/woman) but can do so only while retaining features that mark him as himself.

Foxfire: A offensive power, foxfire comes easily to him, pale red wisps he can summon to his will that possess sparks of his essence, giving them pseudo-sentience, acting much like minor familiars. It is not uncommon to see him wandering with wisps present.

Senses: Far superior to that of man, Koimata is a novice at understanding the vast information he is given through smell, sound, and sight; often overwhelmed he has often seen as absentminded or frightful in crowded places due to sensory overload.

Agility: By no means a creature of physical prowress, Koimata relies mainly upon his agility and flexibility to evade when conflict arises. He is capable of sneaking in places where others cannot given his slight frame.

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Congratulations! Koimata has been approved!

His profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that he can be added to the directory!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

I love him and am a sucker for dual souls, welcome to the club we have jackets!

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