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Players involved: Rare, Phessy
Characters involved: Joker, Inbis
Setting: Xira, Mystique Carnival
Time: Current, Sundown
Weather: clear, hot

The streets of Xira had long become a living monster; growing, thriving beneath the careful cultivations of countless generations. Whereas the creatures that called it home changed, Xira was constant, evolving with time, yet, immortal. To most, it was only the facade they ever witnessed; vast, gleaming towers scrapping against the heavens, lush gardens, meticulously-groomed to cater to the elite, and boutiques and sprawling marketplaces, where even the most obscure luxury could be bartered and won. Yet, as all things that grew unrelenting, there was cancer that flourished beneath the surface. It had begun in the dark and forgotten alleys of the old city, so far buried beneath the glamorous surface, it rarely saw daylight. There, where violence, crime, and madness rained.

It was a place society chose to ignore.

The sound of footsteps echoed off the dark walls, slick with the stench of mildew and old metal. There was fear in each stuttering breath, gasping as a shadowed figure tore around the claustrophobic halls. Had to escape, couldn't let them catch up. If they did... it was over. Little more then prey, the individual fled, ignoring the hollow, apathetic eyes that tracked their path. It didn't matter if they cried out for aid; none would come.

Because no one cared what happened in the dark.

A lone, bare bulb swayed on its chain and a cry rang out, the rhythmic strick of footsteps choked to a halt. They hit the ground. Groaning, their hand reflectively reached down to their calf, coming away wet, their palm black in the feeble light. "No. nononono NO!" Looking behind them, all they saw were approaching shadowed, twisted, contorted monsters. "Please...." The light swayed. The alley was empty again, a bloody stain left on the crumbling stone. Those watching from the windows turned away.

Sweet incense hung in the air, curling in salacious sweeps amongst the clustered bodies. Beneath the canvas sky, it was warm, muggy in comparison to the summer outside. A fine day in Xira, a shard of the sky above hugged in glass and shimmering light. The sun had set the gleaming city of Xira ablaze, and yet, just as swiftly, night came, a curtain drawing back, ushering in the patrons from the dark into a place of titillating light. They catered to fantasy, wove stories of illusion amongst the mundane existence of trivial gluttony. 

Pale, flat eyes of jade watched from above, breathing in smoke, his palm gliding over silk and smoothed wood. From his perch, the Joker could see them, the glazed awe, the growing lust, hands reaching to touch, lips pressing to cheek as they were tempted by exotic allure. He smiled, a sharp thing of teeth bared, and clicked his claws, and a woman came, her pale mane of blonde like fur beneath his fingers, pressing close, her soft curves stretching out across the lounging length of his body.

"Bring Inbis here. I would very so much like to talk with her before the show." Stroking her skin, marvelling at the soft silk, he pushed her away. Below, he watched the masses gaze upon exquisite jewels, lovely angel wings decadant in golden chains, shimmering scales of mermaids in their baths of crystal waters, lithe, sinuous curves of elven folk. Performers.

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