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[Image: 21803400_dXueF10rbAivsQ2.png]

Character's Name:Inbis

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 22

Gender: Female
Species: Demon/human


Shift!: The druid woman has the ability to shift into different common animals whether they are small or large. 

Nature's grip: Large roots protrude from deep within the earth to wrap around her enemy and trap them, rendering them immobilized.
Controlled flame: A small flame forms upon her hand. It can change size at her will. The flame can be used for out of combat activities as well. 

Poison Spray: A cloud of poison shoots out from her hand.

Thaumaturgy: A demonic trait that increases her voice like a loud boom,  the flames within her vicinity can flicker, change color, or turn off, and the appearance of her eyes can change to a solid white color (let me know if this is an issue so I can remove it)

[Image: z1ccX2d.png]

Appearance: The appearance of Inbis is clearly a combination of her heritage. The demonic blood in her gifted the woman her red skin, devil's tail, and the horn that sits atop her head. Her human nature lays within her facial features that resemble her mother in her youth. Soft green eyes that once held a gentle gaze. Her hair is short, hanging just above her shoulders with a green tint in color. Typically, she stands to be 5'5'' in height while weighing to be 185lb. The woman often wears a cloak to hide her body but underneath wears a dress and black boots laced just a few inches below her knees. 

Personality: callous . loyal . protective

There are very little people she would show genuine kindness to. Her callousness has made her a fighter, disregarding people's feelings over her own because they serve to purpose to her. Despite this, the druid is fiercely loyal to her friends. Often fighting for them, whether it be vocally or physically. This makes her protective by nature. 
History: Born into a tribe, Inbis was familiar with the feeling of not having a permanent place to call home. The story of her tribe was said to have once nestled deep within a forest long ago. They were happier, her father commented at one point. Her tribe was banished from their home by the druids who coexisted with them. Their lifestyle only brought danger to the forest; unnecessary killings broke out amongst the tribe and the druids of the forest which lead to their banishment. This forced everyone to pack their things and leave. Her mother and father, while young at the time, bide their farewell to the druids for their hospitality and teachings of their ways. The feeling of sympathy tugged at their hearts, they were the few that took an interest in the forest and coaxed their curiosity of the druids and their ways so they presented them a parting gift. The remaining knowledge of being able to communicate with animals.

This was over 15 years ago and they have never seen the druids ever since. Despite this, Remos and Anivari continued the path of the druid while the rest of the tribe remained the same. Bribing, stealing, and fighting to live. After five more years, Inbis was born. She stayed close to her parents as much as possible, showing no interest in the life of stealing and bribery which immediately made her a stranger in the tribe. She did not care. The only thing that captivated her was the forest and its inhabitants. When taking notice of this interest, her parents did the most they could to teach her how she could become a druid, telling them stories of the ones they had met and what their former home was like. This inspired something deep within Inbis, the urge to continue learning to become a better druid and returning her parents to their true home.

As Inbis grew older, she became more in tune with nature and observing animals. The others in her tribe were becoming more active and yearning to leave the tribe; Inbis felt this way too. There was more to learn aside from the information given by her parents. Every time someone would leave for a long period of time and then return, she would grow curious, sometimes even probing them with questions of where they had gone and seen. Eventually, she had to go. Her parents knew this, prepared for the moment of Inbis leaving and even gave her a few things to set her on her path. A weapon and cloak for her protection with a pouch full of gold if she ever needed a place to stay.

Roleplay Sample: The movement of the woman was quick and eager. She was adorned in a cloak that hung just inches above the ground, baring colors and patterns that resembled a starry night of a foreign sky. With such grace that embraced each footstep, the woman made her way toward a particular inn she was recently informed off. “The Dew Drop Inn. How quaint isn’t it?” Her question did not linger in the air but was specifically for her familiar that towed in her footstep. A large Savvanah cat that kept close to his master only meowed loudly in response to the question that was inquired telepathically. A small smirk slowly spread across her lips, delighted that there was finally a chance for them both. She wasted no time to enter, pausing for a moment to quickly survey her surroundings before pressing forward. There was no need to pay them any mind. Simply grab a posting and leave. Her familiar had other plans in mind. He immediately left her side to launch himself onto the bar counter, his attention solely on his master. Once again, he called to her, meowing for her attention as a reminder to sit and rest before continuing their adventure. It was all that was needed to pull her gaze away from the board and muster an exasperated sigh from her lips. Her boots stomped in his direction, grumbling to herself as she took her seat.

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Congratulations! Your character has been approved!

Her profile will be moved to Character Profiles!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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