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[Image: _6___nebula___march_callendar_by_hagon_d...Cke6rS27Ns]

Character's Name: Nebula

Nicknames: the Night Sky


Gender: Female

Species: Wyvern

Frost breath: Nebula has slightly above average strength.

Blindness: Nebula was born blind.

Vitka Seeing: Nebula is extraordinarily skilled at seeing and sensing vitka in all forms. This allows her to function, although can lead to discrepancies regarding somethings appearance.

Telekinesis: While not greatly powerful, Nebula's telekinesis can create a force up to 5 times her natural strength. 

Feral Magic Mastery: Nebula has mastered feral magic, allowing her to command food to come to her.

Camouflage: Due to her coloration, nebula is difficult to spot on a clear night when she is flying.

Philosopher: Nebula is well versed in philosophy and has spoken, learned from, and debated some of the best philosophers of her lifespan.

Shape shifting: Nebula can, with some effort, turn into a Sandrian of the Siverna tribe. In this form she remains blind. She is dressed in loose silks that have the same celestial appearance of her scales. Her cracked skin is located around her eyes tho she is devoid of any glowing mark.

Royal creation magic: Nebula is fairly versed in her creation magic. She will use it on occasion, but has trouble as she has only seen things from the way vitka moves around it.

Personality: While she can be playful, often to the point of seeming somewhat immature, to those she is not accustomed to she behaves wizened. She greatly enjoys philosophical conversations and will even give advice on occasion. This philosophical mindset is sometimes irritating as she can, at times, question almost everything that someone does or says.

History: The previous ruler died following the OG Gang of theives under Malseka's heist. At one point she came across a troll turned to stone. Curious, she freed him and spoke to him, teaching him many different philosophical concepts, helping him learn feral magic, as well as giving him what would become his bow. After a few years he left to become the Khan. She tries to keep track of his journey and has been occasionally been spotted by his followers, leading to her being seen as a patron of their people.

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Congratulations! Nebula has been approved!

Her profile will be moved to Character Profiles!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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