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[M] A Normal day, A Normal.... Death

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"Dei I love you, but calm, I'll be more than sure to tell you if anything goes wrong. But for now it feels fine, despite a little pain from having the wounds, it's the only thing right now. Nothing more, nothing less," he grabbed onto the larger man's arm, allowing himself to hoist his body up from the ground where the dead boar lied, "you know I'm as forward as I can get, but yeah... it's all good."

Jabari let out a light hum in his throat as he glanced around him, eyes taking in the sigh of the boars they'd taken down. He didn't realize just how many that had been, they needed to do something with them before moving foward; they needed to keep other predators from getting hold of them. There was no doubt in his mind they would smell the fresh kills from anywhere, the half-elf wasn't going to like having to lose any kill to hungry carnivores.

"What?" his eyes suddenly glanced into Dei's own orange ones, "yeah I get ya, I get ya. I'll be as careful as I man can be, can't make promises nothing will happen, but for you I can surely try." Jabari reached out, placed a hand onto Dei's back, just before giving it a light pat. On his face was a reassuring smile, something he'd come quite use to giving the dragon since he could remember.

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Deimos seemed content with the answer he had been given and nodded allowing the topic to drop for now. He hated seeing Jabari bleeding. Which for him as a predator was odd since killing was literally his nature.

Blood of other creatures didn't bother him, but Jabari's did. He always felt like each drop was days off the lad's life. The pat as well as Jabari had meant it was only somewhat comforting. "For the boar... I will carry them all. It will be no trouble for me," Deimos told him. His dragon form had grown massive over the years. Carrying some boar was really no issue for him.

Deimos smiled slightly. "I just need to turn into a dragon... and then everything will be okay. No one will take them from me. It's not safe to take prey from a large predator." A sigh. "Will you help tie them to me?" 

Deimos wouldn't shift until he knew Jabari could manage that.  Mostly cause shifting would be annoying in this tight space.

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