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Deimos, western dragon

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Name: Deimos
Nickname && Dei
Gender && Male
Species && Western Dragon
Age && 4839 years, Immortal
Birthday && Unknown
Relations && Unknown

Deimos is a large male dragon that most would describe as a brute due to the sheer muscle size on his body. This is a trait he has inherited from his father and it shows as his chest size is expansive for a dragon even of his age. His dragonic body is a gray with darker gray markings along his body with the scale size varying depending on which part of the body the eye falls upon. For example, along his dorsal there are large played scales while along his legs the scales are much smaller and tighter to keep teeth from finding purchase there. His markings are orange, red, shades of gray and silver with gradients of orange with red that fade to gray. He has a lot of glowing markings especially along his fins that go down his dorsal and in-between his wings. The glow gives it a fiery alive look from a bird's eye view and his underside is a softer orange yellow like a gentle flame. 
He gets his gray coloring from his mother but his fiery look comes from his father, both of whom are not in his life. His eyes are a fiery orange that glow when he really mad seeming to devour those that go against him. 
His human form is identical to that of his biological father. It is a tall male with dark skin, blood red hair, and very muscular almost body builder like. He does have one feature that keeps them apart and that is his eyes. His eyes are not the same as his fathers. However, he also tends to keep his hair short and cut into a fade look so it does not become wavy as his fathers to keep the difference between them more apparent. He sometimes can be seen sporting a beard, and other times not. The beard is more depending on how lazy he feels at the time about shaving it off or not.

Loyal. Deimos has always been loyal to those he considers and calls family. He loves deeply to the point to where he can hurt others to protect those he keeps close in his heart. He can't bare the idea of being a betrayer. To betray someone is to stab himself. He cannot turn his back on those that kept him alive and safe when death was at his door.

Protective to the end to where it hurts. Even if those he loves burns him he has trouble turning his back on them. He always comes back for his loved ones even when the roof is collapsing on a raging inferno, he always returns.

Kind. A kind dragon that isn't out for blood. Despite his lineage and his legendary father, he is a sweet boy. He loves and tries to help people. If he does have to kill. He prefers a peaceful method that won't cause a shockwave of violence. 

Loner. He knows who he is, where he is from, and the family he was taken from but had made no moves to change that. It is one of the only thing Dei regrets but now it is too late. He is too old to go back, so now he listens to his family through stories and rumors. He prefers his new compaions. He is safe where he is, and his family is safe not knowing about him. So he has outcast himself from other dragons.

Fire. Deimos is a fire based dragon. His fire was something that he had lost originally upon hatching but thankfully he gained it back with age. It had grown over time and continues to grow but his true birthright of a solar dragon is lost to him. 

Dream walking. Dei gained the ability to dream walk from his mother's side of the family. It is the only power any of the children in his family got from her. His seemed to have surfaced only after losing his ability of a solar dragon and the void of magic. That void opened room and there this power grew. He can walk between dreams and he can even lock people in their dreams. However this ability is dangerous for him because he can die in their dreams as his soul itself visits the dream. 

Brute. Just like his father he is physically strong. Doesn't exacrly make up for his lack of magic that was his birthright but it does make a difference in a brawl. 

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Congratulations! Deimos has been approved!

His profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that he can be added to the directory!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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