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Dust to Dust

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Players involved:Kila, King
Characters involved: Ezio, Altair (Kila), Giriana, Lizair (King)
Setting: The Light Fortress
Time: Current (28th of Haliea) Early Morning
Weather: Cool and clear.
Previous Thread:

Serana ignored the grumbling of her passengers as she flew, heading straight for the top of one of the castle's spires. There was an open balcony just below the top, and she dropped the three there before taking a human form and walking inside. The room inside was a large open space, with a large bed, a desk, an armory's worth of weapons hanging from one wall, and a walk-in closet. There were several doors that led out. Sitting in a chair next to the desk was Lizair. His arms were crossed, and he watched the three with careful eyes. "Sorry about how you came in, but the guards have been overprotective recently."

Giri stumbled to her feet, using Altair as a handhold until she was fully standing. If she still had eyes, she would have glared in Serana's direction, but the dragon ignored her entirely.

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In spite of their unceremonious delivery at the claws of Serana, Ezio landed on his feet, as cats often did (regardless of the form he took). Taking a cursory examination of the room he was rather surprised to see so many weapons about. It wasn't something he was so accustomed to seeing in a bedroom, let alone one that belonged to a royal. He took note of each door, wondering where they lead, and determined that should anything go awry their best plan of action would be to depart the way they came: the balcony.

"Mmm," he mused, "it's understandable. One can never be too careful in times of war." He spoke to Lizair, but his eyes were elsewhere, scanning the room for threats. "Is it true you can help Giri?"

Altair, however, was one to tuck and roll in response to his landing, springing back to his feet rather like an acrobat. He was so distracted by the array of weapons that he failed to even notice Giri using him as a handhold. His eyes went so wide they could have popped out of his head, and the boy quickly went to examine the impressive collection. "Whoa, Master Ezio, I think the only collection I've seen that's more impressive is yours." He folded his arms behind his back and leaned close to look at a particularly nice looking axe.

"Is this Dwarven?" He asked with a massive grin, pointing at the blade. "It's totally Dwarven, right? It looks like a Fjorstal original! It's got all the hallmarks of his handiwork!" He was most definitely trying to resist picking it up with every fiber of his being. What he wouldn't give to be able to play with these shiny new toys...

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Liz chuckled and held out his hand. "Serana." The dragoness turned into light and shot into his hand, reforming into the shape of a greatsword. "You are welcome to look over my collection. I don't use any of them anyways. Not since I got Serana here." Despite the size of the blade, he swung it around casually, with one hand. After a moment he planted the tip in the floor and used it to help himself stand.

He walked over to the group slowly, using the greatsword like a cane. His movements were still a little shaky, but he seemed calm and confident. "Don't worry...Ezio, is it? I can heal just about anything. Except my own limbs, sadly. None of the healers can figure out how to deal with the demonic magic that infests those wounds. It resists all angel magic." 

He stopped in front of Giri and looked her up and down. "What happened to you...?"

Giri's head dropped, feeling shame welling in her. She slowly reached up and undid her bandages around her face. "Jakroth happened."

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