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Nelle Rosesong

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Name: Nelle Rosesong

Nicknames: Ness, Hummingbird

Age: 105

Gender: Female

Species: Fairy

Abilities: Has a natural touch with growing magic, with a particular love for planting flowers and trailing vines in the chinks in walls. Her pride ability, however, is her skill in making portals to any place she knows the true name of. She’s also significantly stronger than her size would suggest, with an excellent sense of direction.

Appearance: No taller than a fresh-picked apple, with peachy skin and short cinnamon hair. Her diamond is a pale pink, and she was born with a flowering vine around her right wrist. Has a variety of simple dresses that she enjoys wearing, as well as a fine golden hand-cuff, which has an image of the Giving Tree at its split and a tiny emerald on its clasp. Her wings are a little long for the rest of her body, with a design of overlapping rose petals; the points stick out almost like a fan at the edge, with the rounded tops facing her back.

Personality: A very nurturing person, who does what she can to bring her friends to full bloom. Extremely not afraid to boss them around in the process, including grabbing someone by the hair and dragging them to where she feels they need to go. Can be relatively chatty when she likes, but goes quite quiet in her orb form. Also surprisingly adventurous for a fairy.

History: Nelle was born in Ancestra Village, given her diamond, and raised for a good 60 years without too much trouble. But her mother’s farming bored her, as did her father’s artisanry, and so she turned her mind to thoughts of other things, other places. It took ten years of study to learn how to craft portals, and a few months beyond that to find the name of a place that might make for a good home.


According to the account of an elf who had wandered a bit too deep into the woods, it was a city in Sleibte that might - just might - serve as a decent home. His descriptions of its waterways and history were intriguing, and the thought of seeing so many interesting people every day who were so much larger was exciting in a way nothing else had been so far.

A week later, the things she knew she would want to keep were packed in a bag, and the Guardian who had gifted her her diamond had delivered another gift - a piece of jewelry she could wear to keep the energy of the Giving Tree close enough to sustain her, provided she could return to recharge it every few seasons. With one last hug for her siblings and a few kisses for her parents - and a promise that yes, she would come home - Nelle opened her portal and flew through to her new life.

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Congratulations! Nelle has been approved!

Her profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that she can be added to the directory!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3
Ugh I love her she's my new tiny gf

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