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Name: Calligenia
Gender: Woman
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Snow Nymph
Age: 3 Days

110 Lbs.

As a newborn Snow Nymph, Calligenia possesses an ultra-feminine and nubile figure. Although she is extraordinarily short, her form is plump and curvaceous, as illustrated by her exceedingly rotund thighs, ample bosom, expansive hips, and prominent backside.

Like most Snow Nymphs, Calligenia has a pale and milky skin tone. Her ears are strikingly long and pointed, very much resembling those of an elf. She has a long mane of dazzlingly white hair which she tends to wear down. In addition, both of her eyes bear different colors. Her left eye has cyan sclera, light cyan irises, and deep cyan pupils. Her right eye has gray sclera, smoky white irises, and deep gray pupils. The preternatural colors of her eyes grants them an intense glow. Calligenia’s eyes are also very wide and doe-like in size. As such, her eyes are undoubtedly the most arresting feature of her colorful visage.

Calligenia has a heart-shaped facial profile. Plump cheeks and voluptuous magenta lips, add fullness to her well-defined features.


Because she has very little in the way of life experiences, Calligenia's personality is still in its formative stages. She is somewhat passive and shy, but when a task is set before her she is unwavering in her dedication to it even if it is boring or undesirable work. Calligenia is also very sweet-natured, though she is audacious and possesses the necessary instincts for battle. In addition, Calligenia is also a highly sensual being by nature. The promise of love and community is one of her main motivators in searching for a home beyond the northern wastes...


Elemental Ice Affinity
Though completely untrained, Calligenia possesses a strong affinity with ice magic and a natural aversion to fire magic. This ability grants her a preternatural resistance to cold temperatures, but she is very weak in hot climates.


Calligenia came to life completely alone, naked, and amidst a beautiful flurry of crystallized ice in the northern wastes of East Sleibte. Unfortunately, due to the isolated circumstances of her creation, Calligenia found herself with the name bestowed upon her by the nature spirits as her sole possession. In essence, she had no home, no family, and no community. Within an hour of her emergence into the world, Calligenia began to wander through her domain, searching aimlessly for a place to settle down and a community to connect with…

As of yet, she is very much unsuccessful.

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Congratulations! Calligenia has been approved!

Her profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that she can be added to the directory!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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