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The Angel Leaders are all meeting to discuss the war. Read about the outcome Here!
Zombies? Undead?! No! What are these things?! They look.... Alive?! HERE.
A third oracle has died! Aerithe, oracle of Zarkos, died publically in Prerio City square of what many believe to be suffocation. Read more about it HERE.
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West Sleibte Quests

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Welcome to West Sleibte Quests! Here you can roleplay out your quests to gain fabulous rewards!

Please fill out the below form so we know which quest you're doing:
[b]Quest Name:[/b]
[b]Quest Reward:[/b]
[b]Number of times the quest can be done:[/b]
[b]Number of times you've done the quest:[/b]

Please include this form in the first post of your quests so we can keep track of which quest you're doing!
Thank you so much and have fun!

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