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[M] New Wounds and Old Scars

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There it was again, that guilt of his. Brianna brought her hands up and cupped his cheeks, stroking them with her thumbs. "You big dumb idiot," she sighed, her lips pulling back into a bright smile, revealing her teeth. "I'm not made of glass, Zae. I'm flesh and bone, and to live is to feel pain and hurt." Her eyes met his, and all she could think about was how to take away the deep rooted sorrow held within their depths.

"Stop feeling guilty, for starters," Brianna said with another sigh, pulling away from Zaeren to gently rap his forehead with a knuckle. "It's most definitely not your fault that I got hurt. We were fighting a dragon, injury was bound to happen. And if I'm not feeling bad, you shouldn't be either." She looked at him again, this time wearing a crooked smile that made her eyes twinkle with what could only be described as chaotic mischief. Zaeren was about to eat his words; Brianna would make sure of that.

In the truest of feline fashions Brianna pounced, ignoring her body's screams of pain, and pinned the giant man down underneath her. She rested her arms against his torso and lounged on him, tail swaying back and forth as she flashed him a cheshire smile, showing off her all-too-sharp teeth. "Weeeeell," she purred, "If you really want to make it up to me..."

She drew little circles on his chest and continued in a sickeningly sweet voice, "You can take me to where you're from. Tell me more about yourself and your people." Her eyes followed the trailing of her fingers before slowly looking up to meet his gaze. "Satisfy my curiosity~" The look on her face told Zaeren everything he needed to know: Brianna wasn't about to take no for an answer.

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