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Haliea: 25th day

Deep in the forest
01-28-2018, 12:40 PM
"No doubt. Do you expect to stay in this area for long?" There was a little reassurance in that Asuna felt uncomfortable in all her layers and their journey- it proved her mortal! Asy would have been surprised if she had not had a few words to say on the matter. She wrapped her tail around a branch as the non-path they were following tumbled down into the main track that led to the village, slowing her pace so that buriti fruits didn't fly everywhere. The path was easy back to the village now; a little narrower than a cart, but only because the forest grew so quickly, and the area was remote. She matched her pace with Asuna's.

"I own an apothecary. So, mostly herbals. The odd excess I can glean from the forest, atop of those." She gestured to her basket, where a fraction of it would be sold for food, as the elf already knew. "And some trade in liquors." Although that was a minor business, bringing in notable income when it rarely became ready, and not particularly something she wanted to capitalise on. It was more of a hobby to placate the locals.
02-20-2018, 12:29 PM
"You have made a name for yourself then," the elf replied with a small smile. "Most people where I come from love those that understand the importance of nature. My people are known for being in touch with the animals and plants. For instance I can control wild animals to a certain extent. It is lovely to know where we came from and to see another interested in what the world around us has to offer." A smile grew slightly as she thought of home. It had been a while since she had been there, but it was no time to go back yet. She adjusted her cloak slightly. 

A meow behind her from her companion told her he could sense the change in her mood. A nod. "It's also why I try to avoid fighting with a blade. Nothing is more powerful then what the world itself has to offer us. It can over come any thing... It knows how to rebuild. Herbs are very powerful weapon. They can heal or kill, but they do not judge."
02-25-2018, 01:19 PM
Asy returned the smile. "Only in the local area. I cannot say that many travel far for my potions and poultices." A part of her preferred it that way; local fame was quite amicable to her, but not enough that it became a nuisance for herself and the other villagers. She would quite happily reap small benefits and leave the large ones if it let her get on with life.
She wasn't so sure about Asuna once again when she dropped the small comment about controlling animals; as kelahati, she was part binturong, and it didn't sit so well with her that magic could control those not so far from her own heritage. Her tail flicked a little, and she twisted it down around her basket to keep it still against any further movements, the weight heavy when they were climbing the slope back to home.

"There is little reason for poison here. That is not to say it it not a part of the art I am versed in, but there are few in a small place like this that require revenge." She paused, adjusting her words, "Or those that would have revenge would not be so foolish to use lethal methods for it." Only a moron would come to her for a poison and then expect to get away with it, in a place where everyone was almost in each others' back pockets, the village was so close. Something like that would be amiss in daily life.

The path wound through the trees until it ended with an unfortified entrance to the village, a clearing cut into the rainforest to beat back the vines and let some light down to the forest floor. A horse whinned from the stables on the village edge, shaking it's brown head in expectation of food. The road became cobbles as they came closer, timber and brick buildings slowly coming visible through the clearing forest. It was on a finger of higher ground, trees sloping off to either side and climbing again at the back, stone cliff visible in the further distance. The views from some points in the settlement were really quite something to behold, which was definitely part of the appeal to the remote place.
03-10-2018, 02:34 AM
Asuna listened to her. "Yes, I suppose your right about the poison. I never stay in one place long so recognition is a bit harder for me. However I wouldn't mind learning from you and your people. You seem to have a lot to offer in this new land. I am so far enjoying what I have seen and learned from you with just our short conversation. It is much different from my homeland with your culture, dress... and weather." The last word was more of a slight huff as she tugged at her cloak neck a bit trying to loosen it up. Oh it wasn't a good time to be so wrapped up here. That was for sure. It was much warmer then she was use to. Sweat trickled down her face.

The village came into view and she smiled. It was lovely. She loved how remote and natural it was. There wasn't much to worry about with people around the area and it seemed so opening and inviting. She wouldn't mind staying here for a while. It seemed like she found a good place to get away after all the crazy stuff that happened back on her homeland. She looked at her new friend. "Are their rooms avaiable here? I wouldn't mind staying and learning more from you and about this place. It seems peaceful. And honestly, very open and friendly." 

It was much better then home... Home... A war... The dragon... A shudder passed her body. She was glad to have gotten out. "I just... want to be at peace and to be able to relax and also get out of these really hot clothes." Asuna said the last bit with a chuckle.
04-13-2018, 08:44 AM
"Indeed. You will have to see about finding yourself a little more suitable for the rainforest. I fear your discomfort will be even greater in the rain." The weather could be unpredictable and fierce, and although still drenched whatever a person was wearing, there were some things that dried a little faster, and wouldn't be a heavy weight to drag around for the rest of the day. Asy tended to just shed her wet things and go about as a binturong if the inevitable soaking occurred, but she wasn't so sure that an elf would have so few regards. 

She waved to a passing forest creature as they passed into the edges of the village, recognising the striped animal as it disappeared into the trees. "And what land is it you come from?" It certainly was nowhere close. "There is no inn as such, but someone will find room for you. My shop is past the tea house; we shall stop there." The local spot was used for informal gatherings in the village, a place to go and relax over a cup of steaming leaves. As such, there was always someone there willing to make conversation, or share the latest gossip. No doubt Asuna would be able to find someone who would lend a spare room and some food. 
"You may not find it as peaceful when others find you are here. We are a nosy village, it has to be said. Not much happens here; so when there is a traveller, they become talk for days."
05-16-2018, 01:27 PM
"I do not mind being the talk of town as long as it's all just curious. I dont want anyone trying to chase me out with fire" she said with a playful tone. It was all teasing and she smiled slightly as she walked forward following her new found friend. "And I dont think I'd have too much trouble finding a room. I find coin is good everywhere."

She smiled as she followed. "So what do people do around here to occupie themselves during the day besides work. What activities does this small place hold?" She tilted her head and smiled more. "Like do you hold festivals and which patrons do you lean towards during them." 

"Of course mine are the elven patrons, but I suppose that would have been known from the start...." A tint of red crossed her face as she realized how personal she was becoming with this woman she had just met. It was so unlike her.... 

And she still had to buy new clothes. Maybe she could get some pointers on where to find some shops for that.
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