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Haliea: 25th day

Woodland Wanderabout
05-04-2018, 07:37 AM
It was not Naren's character to spread rumours, but here it seemed he had little choice but to repeat what he had heard on his travels. It was not to be unexpected, in far-off corners of the world like this, but regardless- did none of these people ever travel even to the local city?
"I am not here for fear-mongering," he warned, making sure that this was first understood, before he would continue. "However, I will repeat what I know. Do not take it as sacred word, because all I have heard has been only from others repeating the speeches of those before them." 

The elf sighed, then began. "The most reliable source I heard was that the Shrine of Jackroth has been destroyed. By whom, I am not sure... Only that it has been raized in fire and left as ashes. There are no priests or servants to be seen- the remnants were discovered by a group of pilgrims reaching their journey's end." It had been a sight, so said the rumours, although Naren assumed that the ruins would have changed already since their discovery. Bodies buried, ash swept away, tokens of grief left by mourners of the god and those who guarded the shrine.
Stunned silence from the villagers reigned for a moment, before shrieking broke out from- whom Naren assumed- zealous worshippers of Jackroth. 
"It cannot be!"
05-21-2018, 10:22 PM
The small woman leaned herself against the cart, listening in just like all the others were whom were standing around; all eyes focused upon the elf man in front of them. Her ears flicked here and there at each word that came out of his mouth; knowing well in her own mind to take nothing he said as truth unless otherwise found true in it's own. All he said was, odd to be hearing really, how could something be powerful enough to destroy the shrine of one of the gods. No one left behind in it's wake after, no even the priest of servants that resided at the temple; caring for it as they always would. Akeme placed a finger over his lips, mind wondering about even through the sudden shout in the market area. It had snapped her out of her mind, someone was panicking just a bit even after he told them it wasn't sacred word about what happened. It could be false, rumors love to spread among those who would listen after-all.

"Shhh, he said it was not sacred word of course, for all we know it is only rumors spreading upon false tongue," she tried to reassure those among the crowd, "so please do relax yourself. You may only cause a scene where one is not needed here." Even with her trying, a few still seemed rather antsy over the whole thing, murmurs between everyone there; men and women alike.

"I do apologize, perhaps I should have not asked you to speak what you have heard of," she gestured to those who were making quite the fuss of thing, "if I were to have known this would happen, I wouldn't have said a thing."
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