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Haliea: 25th day

Light my fire, Baby!
01-14-2018, 04:33 PM
What a way to see the world, from the depths of a flower bush. Odary wasn't even entirely sure what she was throwing up in to, her botany poor at best, but she could appreciate they were pretty. A shame, really. Mortifying that it had to happen, but at least Yaqon didn't seem phased by it. Good thing she hadn't eaten breakfast, although she was now regretting having eaten so much the night before in her big send-off meal.
She wiped her mouth and laughed at his ridiculous tale, feeling a little better for a few moments on solid ground again (and void of her insides). 
"Who let you eat? Man, I got offered being made pancakes this morning and I had to turn 'em down." She blew out a breath and straightened up, gingerly resting her hands on her hips and observing the city now her stomach was feeling a little more secure. Wow, what a place. Not only architecturally, but culturally too; some military presence was visible even in this peaceful part of the city, stoic figures placed tidily to one side. They went out of their way to look like part of the city, but there was something in their rigid stance that was missing from Yfarsal, apparently a city a little softer-round-the-edges. Odary's eyes lingered before she drew herself away towards Yaqon again.

"I'm good. Estosia! It's so different." She did a little twirl, taking in everything around her- the stones behind, all the stone walls and people... people were looking at them. 
Well, she supposed, she had made a bit of a scene. They should really have buckets for that sort of thing. Or a trough. She couldn't imagine the mess a larger beast would make, if they had a similar reaction.
"Hm? Oh. Oh." She dropped her voice as well, "Is this a safe place for you to be?" It had been Yaqon's idea to come here, but they were still only acquaintances, really. She had no idea really of Yaqon's perception of danger, and as a Kelahati here, well...
"I got it. You been here before, right?" That'd answer a couple of questions- like if he knew where breakfast was, and whether they were going to get jumped by the guard at some point for his appearance alone, let alone any magic they might practice.
01-14-2018, 08:52 PM
"Aw, are ya worried about little ol' me?" Yaqon chuckled, his eyes glinting mischievously. Though he could feel the stares of the guards on him, and his smile waned. "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine as long as I keep my head down and don't cause any trouble." He gave Odary a reassuring gesture and a bit of a halfhearted shrug. "Now, let's get you some breakfast, but first," he paused as he held out Odary's pack to her, "Yer stuff back, now that you're not at risk of tossin' anythin' else up."

With a crooked smile, Yaqon started walking into the streets, easy to find in part thanks to his height, but mostly by the wide berth the citizens were giving him. Not that he could entirely blame them. Estosans were particularly aware of demons, at least subconsciously. He was sure some part of them knew, but none would be so brazen as to directly question him.

The citizen's apprehension worked in their favor. Travel through the streets was surprisingly easy, and before long Yaqon had led her to the market, full of all manner of stalls selling everything from fruits and vegetables to potions and furs. But he was here for one thing: Estosan Sweet Rolls.

His keen nose lead him to the stall selling the sweet rolls. Fluffy spirals of bread twice the size of his fist. There were many on display, piping hot and steaming, some slathered with glazed spiced nuts, others topped with fruit and thick, gooey icing, and others were left completely bare. Oh, his mouth watered, his eyes round as saucers, big enough to see the secrets of the universe. Even the fearful humans were passing Yaqon to purchase the rolls. When one was bought, a fresh one took its place. The women working the ovens were a well-oiled machine, working the dough effortlessly into the filled spirals, cutting them, proofing them--it was a sight to behold.

"Odary, my dear, prepare yourself for a treat, because these? The are the gem of Estosa!" The man was so elated that the tail of his wolf-skin pelt seemed to be wagging in anticipation. "Get whatever one ya want. It's on me." He gave her a wink, and placed three gold coins into the hand of the woman in charge. "I'd like one of the ones with spiced nuts, please. Odary?"
01-15-2018, 04:34 PM
Odary snorted. "Nah mate, just worried about what'll happen to me if someone decks ya outta the blue." She laughed, taking her pack back off Yaqon and slinging it across her shoulders again. Wonders what a couple of minutes quiet could do, her nausea fading right away and back to her normal self. If a little nervous with butterflies- but that was to be expected, in a brand new city. "And yeah, I want my breakfast. Ain't gonna get that if you're flat on the floor!"

She ogled the place as he led her towards breakfast, wherever that might be. They were being stared at quite openly- rather rude, Odary thought, but she was staring right back at them all. The city was really very tall, and surprisingly laid out- neatly, which was a completely foreign concept to Odary. Yfarsal was a mess of streets all over the place, tangles of streets only fathomable by natives. Here, already she could remember the route they took from the teleportation stones to the market. 
Yaqon definitely had good taste in food though, she could tell before they even hit the staff they were aiming for, from the sweet smells wafting on the breeze. She almost lingered at a couple of the more exotic stalls, but the smell... told her stomach that she was quite recovered, and ready for food now. 

A sound of excitement escaped her mouth as she saw the delights lined on the stall they finally found, having to work their way around a crowd finally. Look at those! Oh yeah, Yaqon had good taste. He seemed even more excited than she was to find some though, and her eyes went crinkly round the edges with the width of her grin.
"Yaaaas. I want..." She leant forwards, eyeing the selection, then pointed to one with icing dripping down the edges over a speckled bun. "That one. What's the brown bits in there?"
"Cinnamon," said the woman as she handed over the bun in a slip of paper, the other for Yaqon. Odary gave the expected 'oooh!' of delight, her grin only widening over her huge mouthful.
"Mm, dese roight gud Yaccon."
01-17-2018, 01:13 PM
"Ah towl' ya sho," he replied, mouth full and glaces pieces of nuts sticking to the corners of his mouth. His grin was wide, lips a mess; the man looked like he'd been raised in a barn.

With bun in hand, he gestured for Odary to follow him to the side of the stall, where he sat down on the ground with his legs out and his back against the wall. There they could enjoy their meal without being too terribly in the way. The man savored his bun, taking the time to lick his fingers between each bite, and of course wiping the nuts off his mouth so he could properly eat them. "When we're done here we can look around the market for a bit, if ya want. They got all kinds'a stuff here." Yaqon took another bite. "Or we'cn jush go ta shee th' horshes."

He swallowed his mouthful and took another large bite, nearly demolishing the remains of his sweet roll. "M'not sure if they got anythin' much different from Yfarsel, though," he admitted with a one-shouldered shrug. "They don't take too kindly to strangers here, so a lot of what they got is super local." With another bite, his roll was gone, and the demon was left to lick his lips and fingers will a feeling of melancholy, though his stomach was certainly pleased.

"But if you're still hungry we c'n always get more food," he said with a wink.
01-19-2018, 10:14 AM
Happily tagging along, Odary was much more invested in her food than anything else, chomping happily as she slid to the ground next to Yaqon. Wow, travelling was great if this was what it was always like. Well, maybe less the vomiting, but it sounded like she'd get over that. 
Her bun was gone in less time than Yaqon's, her bright eyes ogling the place again as she licked cinnamon and icing slowly from her fingers.
"Yeah man, I wanna see everything. This place is so different!" She hadn't thought there would be so many small changes as well as big ones; some things were familiar, like the way the buildings were so tall and close together, the throngs of people around and the goods on market stalls, of cloth and vegetables and trinketes. But other things were different, like the way the buildings were so clean, and the patries were so different, and people stared when Yaqon passed them. 

"Let's do... Here first, then more food, then horses." Odary was decisive, hoping to get everything in to the day. She jumped to her feet, recovered and ready to explore. She offered a hand to Yaqon to get him up too, her eyes already diverted to watching a pair of women haggle over brightly coloured silks on a nearby stand, garish pinks and blues that must have been worth a fortune.
01-20-2018, 02:59 PM
Gods her enthusiasm was infectious. She eyed everything like a child, with such exuberance and delight. Even this city made her eyes sparkle in wonder. Yaqon realized at that moment that he'd picked a good traveling companion. With Odary at his side, demon or not, he'd be alright.

As he took her hand to pull himself up--unsurprised that Odary was able to keep her balance as he did--, Yaqon slipped a gold coin into her small hand. "Buy yourself another sweet roll," he said, teasing. "I saw ya eyeing them up, and what kinda man would I be to deny ya somethin' you're lookin' at with such fondness." He gave her a crooked smile, again his teeth all too sharp.

He'd also taken notice of her eyeing up those silks. Was Odary the type to like girly things? Just because she was a blacksmith didn't mean she couldn't like them. But did she? Maybe he'd get her a sash or something.. but would she even want a gift? Why did he want to get her a gift?

Girls were confusing.
01-22-2018, 05:19 PM
Odary returned Yaqon's smile, bouncing happily in to join the queue for a second roll. This one loaded with soft chunks of pear, she folded the paper it came in carefully around and tucked it into the top of her pack, saving it for later when no doubt she'd decide she wanted it for a second breakfast- or a dessert. Life was good when there were snacks.

"Alright! Let's go." Soon as it was tucked away she was heading off into the crowds, coasting past the fabric stand without much more of a look to inspect some wicker baskets on the next one along, then the apple press next to it where she was offered fresh apple juice, and Yaqon was not- she declined. More apples next to it, then bread, good luck charms and wards and feathers... then round the next corner, a jeweller, wares presented on small plush cushions. She paused in front of this one, looking to Yaqon for his assessment of the metalwork.
"Whaddaya think? Good as yours?"
01-26-2018, 01:51 PM
Okay, so the fabrics were out. Baskets? He ever would have pegged her for a basket loving type. Maybe she enjoyed the craftsmanship?

Or maybe he was overthinking things and Odary was just enjoying the sights of Estosa.

Yaqon was content to follow her around, just as he was to ignore the wary stares. Frankly, being ignored suited him. It was easier to ignore the human, and be ignored in turn, than it was to face their scorn. But when Odary brought him to the jeweler's wares, his eyes began to glitter. The craftsmanship wasn't bad, but there was certainly a lot left to be desired. They'd been a bit rough with their tools when crafting, and some of the gems were of lower quality, but he supposed in a city where they refused to play nice with other races, well...

It was karma at her best.

He gave a polite smile and replied, "They're decent, but humans don't benefit from the extended lives of other races. What one has learned in their lifetime, I've practiced three times over." Yaqon leaned in and whispered, "Plus they can't really add the enchantments I can add to mine."

The jeweler gave Yaqon a rather pointed glare, one that clearly said 'if you don't leave now I'll call the guards', and the man was all too keen on going about his way. "We should move on before they decide I'm more trouble than I'm worth."
02-25-2018, 01:42 PM
Odary laughed, sure Yaqon would have been vicious with his appraisal of the jewellery stand. He settled himself with a fairly derogatory response regardless, one that she would have been put out to hear herself if it had been her work. No wonder the jeweller glared at them both.
"I've got a snob on my hands, eh?" she said amicably, having seen little of what Yaqon had observed about the pieces. She was much more attuned to the rough metals of iron and steel, the durability of horseshoes and finesse through speed, rather than detail and each careful strike of an artist at work. 
"Are you are more trouble than you're worth?" She looked up to Yaqon, catching the jeweller's angry look even as she continued to grin, no doubt pissing him off even more than he already was. "C'mon, I think we're done here. We gonna be in Estosia long, or moving on? 'Cos we might need somewhere to set up if we are." She wasn't sure about Yaqon's travel plans, but if they were planning to sell some of their wares here, she would at least need somewhere to get iron from in the city before she set about finding clients to shoe. And Yaqon... well, she wasn't sure what he would need, but they'd need a base to set themself up from initially. If they were sticking around, that was. Otherwise she was completely up for more exploration. There would no doubt be more interesting sights behind those tall walls.
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