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Haliea: 25th day

[Open]Swift Awakening
07-16-2017, 08:29 AM
(This post was last modified: 09-07-2017, 02:38 PM by Aquarius.)
Thread Status: Open

Players involved: Aquarius, Achera

Characters involved: Minorta(Aquarius), Nymeria(Achera)

Setting: Katakarthia > Famine Fortress, woods area 

Time: current, morning
Weather: partially cloudy, mostly clear skies with a glowing sun
07-16-2017, 05:40 PM
The glorious kingdom stood strong and bold as ever, many bells would ring occasionally to indicate many different activities or training practices that's the other Famines had to do daily to ensure of there own improvements. Minorta laid in his bed made from skulls along the back and frontal area his blankets were just the usual red, once he awaken from his slumber he saw nothing but a faint blur, as his eyes narrowed he waited for a moment for his vision to get adjusted. 

As it did just that he sighed slightly getting up from his bed, for some reason his windows were open letting in the bright sunlight in which then an arch arose from his eyebrow internally annoyed by whom ever did such things. As Minorta got himself up he would then close the windows and blocked each window that was open with the grey curtains he had, he yawned softly heading over to his study room as a vial of the red elixir laid there on his table calling to him.

 He absolutely forgot about purchasing it a few days ago, as he walked over of close distance he extended  his arm grabbing the vial of immortality, he felt as though living forever seemed more of a curse however he was born cursed so it wouldn't phase him to the slightest. Minorta simply came to the decision to just consume it as he wasn't sure that he'll even meet anyone of his general liking at all, he then pops open the top with his thumb drinking the vial whole, as he then was finished he blinked a few times. 

His face appeared of a sour expression," What kind of being made this stuff, it tastes awful! I'll be sure to devour that sneaky merchant one day..." he'd then say putting it inside his drawer. Minorta walked from his study room to a black pirch wood door that had demon symbols elegantly carved on it, as he exited the upper chambers he proceeded to go down the stairs passing a few gold statues here and there, he then grins as his stomach rumbled, he hungered for a feast, he could've got someone to prepare him a meal yet he felt hunting would satisfy him even more.

 Minorta headed over to his dressing room were he equipped his usual attire, as he then peacefully went down stairs to the main chambers where the great door stood in the nearly long hall he headed there raising his arm up at his guards to get there undivided attention," I shall return momentarily, I'll be hunting for a bit, cause trouble and it'll be your heads in my grasp.... literally..." he'd say walking towards the gates as they opened It for him in a hurry not to test his patience. Minorta headed over to some near by woods close to his kingdom focusing all around his vicinity, he wasn't that picky on the matter of choosing his meals yet he had some specific tastes though, humans were at the top then there was angels and animals, demons would be the last thing he consumes that is unless some conflict exists between the him and another demon. 

Arms behind his back he listened closely at the echoing winds that blown frequently, slight chirps, a few growls it was the same old noises, nothing new, nor exciting yet then again this world always tend to surprise him. Minorta balled up his fist and paused in a trail full of vast vegetation, as he contemplates on his current immortality he then start to feel odd, as if he wanted to question the possible results of being immortal, he shook his head coming back to reality however still a shred of his mind held a bit of puzzling to this new experience.
09-04-2017, 05:55 PM
It has been early in the morning when a small shape moved gracefully through the woods. Little by little the figure skimmed the outskirts of the forest as she she scanned for something.. Something specific. On her arm rested a small basket, weaved with a beautifully intricate design that only the most skillful of crafters could perform. Inside she had collected some herbs through her journey and now, the woman was looking for a few flowers to place on her table. It was a small act, but the girl preferred to do these mindless tasks when she had the opportunity. It beat having to go interact with people in the towns. At least out here, she had her own space and time to perform whatever task she wished to without the accompaniment of another party. Who else would be roaming the forest at this time of day? Very few had decided to be awake while others did choose to get up, but the major difference was that they remained in town. She on the other hand, moved away.

Nymeria quietly walked through the forest, listening to the morning bird sing their songs and the woodland creatures slowly start to scurry around. It was fascinating to say the least. She made sure to walk lightly. It would make scaring off the animals less likely to happen. Slowly, she moved on, keeping to herself as her nature preferred.
09-07-2017, 06:59 PM
Minorta had to take his mind off  it and just face facts, even though he is immortal he could die fairly easily just as a mortal can as well, pouncing up to a near by tree branch he scouted out for a specific type of creatures which was preferably a wolf or something for his time of day. As he saw a bear crouching down to lick it's own feet he scowled the dull organism due to its stupidity, in a world or series of species one would be a careful in certain areas, he narrowed his eyes to see a fairly young female who had a basket around her arm seemingly searching for something being of close proximity towards the bear.

Realizing she was a famine type demon not only by her appearance however by her familar aroma he wondered why exactly she was wandering around in these woods and not at his kingdom being taken care of and protected. As the bear got closer to her he shifted his form into a tiger, with a red fur pelt as he morphed a growl emerged from him, Minorta would then eject his retractable claws from his paws zooming through the treeline he would then push the bear out of her way. 

Struggling with the bear in his tiger form slightly he maneuvered his black and red striped tail wrapping  it around the bear's kneck he caused the bear to go into submission, gripping the head rather tightly he twisted it's head while having a bite. Viciously ripping out his flesh he licked the oozing splattering blood, as he reverted back to his primary form Minorta stared at the girl or a moment wiping the remaining blood of his mouth, he spoke in a deep and firm tone," Greetings, what brings a Famine Demon like your self around these parts, logically since you are the same type of demon as myself It wouldn't be impossible to not see my fellow demons around here however usually I have the females stay and be protected in the kingdom unless your Independent.." he said speaking more than he would ever do when he meets someone which says a lot in a way.
09-12-2017, 10:47 PM
Nymeria had been clueless to the other who had been looming nearby. She also had not noticed much of the bear that had been only a few trees away. She had been mindlessly tending to her own personal search that she didn't think to look for the danger that lurked around her. Why would she? Normally it was quiet in these parts of the forest and when she had come here before, she had never encountered another creature that was looking to harm her. However, today, was an exception.

The famine demon looked to the tiger, well man now, who stood before her. She showed little to no emotion as she tried to process what had happened. All she could see was the blood that slowly was dripping from the other's mouth. Blood was splattered on his body, trailing towards the now limp carcass that long ago was going to harm her. Still, she said nothing as she looked between the two, quietly processing the events and what the demon said. After what seemed like forever, the girl fixed her eyes back onto the male's eyes. He had bright, long red hair with striking blue eyes for comparison. There was something familiar about him.. Had it been a story that she had heard or was it something someone had told her? Yes... That was it. Something about a new royal head for famine with a similar description. Horns resting on his head, the red hair, blue eyes, and the noticeable tattoo on his cheek. Yes, the famine king. That was why he meddled in this affair though wait... What did he say?

Her iridescent eyes narrowed as she finally processed what the other had said. It was as if the women were to be under constant supervision of another. Oh how she hated that. Nym was more than capable of taking care of herself, much less needing someone else to look after her. If she wanted to go out, she did. There was no need for a guard, no need to report to another. Everything she did was by her own tempo. With her eyes still trained on the lord, she addressed him with an even tone. "I need no one to watch me or protect me. I do not stay with the other women to be coddled from the outside world. I come here simply for my own desires. Nothing more, nothing less." She tucked the basket a little more into her; the handle of it resting on in the valley of her arm joint. She looked away from him with her head held high and lips pursed.

"...However... Thank you for the assistance... with the bear."
09-16-2017, 03:17 PM
After such deplorable actions in his combat he folded his arms listening attentively towards the female famine, she seemed to be quite independent which was far different from any other famine demon female he has encountered as most were just kiss ups who listened to him just because of his royal status. He sighed for a moment rethinking about what he said in which she was exactly right, maybe the famine demons can go venture out on there own and come back to the kingdom whenever they need to, after all the kingdom has been getting packed lately so it wouldn't be a problem for them to flap there wings and soared, figuratively speaking that is.

Minorta gave a nod to her," I see, well then excuse me for even suggesting that you would be in my Kingdom as such, you also are correct, which made think maybe those demons actually need to go if they choose to and come back whenever they need to however in reason of course, maybe I'll build villages around the perimeter for them to live in, I don't want my demons to be too far out where danger is near, especially those angels.." he'd say while then levitating a few inches off the ground.

As she thanked him for protecting her from the bear he gave a neutral expression with a nod as he wasn't often the type to smile much," No problem my dear, also that basket, are you having some sort of picnic, or collecting items perhaps?" He asked out of curiosity," If so I'd gladly like to join you as I need some time from the kingdom for a bit if you don't mind.." he explained.
10-10-2017, 12:37 AM
The female looked the the male with a raised eyebrow. How odd of a creature he was... To thing that women needed protection all the time, as if they were not capable of providing for themselves. Maybe he was one of those types who saw women as inferior. If that was the case, this was going to be a long reign with this new monarch. However, the prospect of him loosing the reigns a bit did peak her interest. 

But just like that, he seemed to go back to restraining them all again. "You know, the other kingdoms do well enough without forcing their people to live in a bubble," she commented as she tried to refrain from rolling her eyes. Nymeria could see him floating a bit off the ground, almost as if trying to tower over her a bit more. Was it an intimidation tactic? She wasn't one to run from another, even if he was the new royal in charge. "If we stay away from the borders, we can be fine. It is our land, but the borders are where we most likely would run into trouble but I think most demons know to stay away unless they are traveling for a specific reason."

Nymeria rustled the basket a bit as she moved it slightly down her arm. She was getting antsy having to stop and talk. Talking wasn't her forte. She preferred to be alone and away from others, but here she was. Somehow, talking with the new lord? Almost as if he knew, moments after she shifted the basket, his words now focused on the thing dangling around her arm. The mere mention of it caused the girl to tense. She didn't like conversing... More so if the focus was back on her or what she was doing. Why did he need to know what she was doing with a basket? Wasn't it her business? Nym contemplated the pros and cons of having to reply to him, but ultimately settled on having to do so. He was the new Lord. If she had to share anything about what she was doing, it would have to be him.

"...Collecting items." It was simple. Short and sweet, but a bit hesitant in tone. She didn't want him to join her. This was why she was alone. She preferred to be alone and yet somehow she managed to find another in a forest she thought no one would be in. Her luck right? "You may join me... But I'm not one to enjoy another's company for long so forgive me in advance if I do not wish to speak often." The famine demon was already done with this conversation. She wanted to be alone and away from the other, but something compelled her to invite the demon with her. It would just be a couple of hours right? She could do that. Then maybe, just maybe, she could return to her peace and quiet with no one around. That was what she liked. It was her only solace.
01-20-2018, 08:55 PM
Minorta nodded as she agreed for him to attend while she went to go collect items, yet for some reason while she spoke he knew very well that this demon wasn't the social type in which then he also noticed something about her. He started to levitate higher a bit, once he looked down upon her he gave a neutral facial expression," My name is Lord Minorta Hoas, you can just refer to me as Minorta, I see in the tone of your voice and the gaze upon your disturbed face is that you don't quite enjoy my presence though it is understandable as I didn't make quite the grand impression, I hope I didn't offend you my dear." Minorta felt actually slightly bad, for the first time.

Minorta descended back down with a sigh gazing upon her," I only did this to allow demons whom aren't able to help themselves obtain services to better improve their overall well being, if a demon is able to live on there own then I will grant them that wish of Independence, they always have a choice in the matter most just like to stay as it's one of the best castles in the world. Some seek food from the kingdom and shelter, it is not some sort of dungeon." He would fold his arms. Peering his eyes around the dense woods he turned back to her once again," What is it your looking for exactly?" He asked as she only said she was collecting items, maybe to enforce the idea that she doesn't want to be bothered but Minorta wasn't one to back down from anyone.
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