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Haliea: 25th day

[M] Until Silence Is Broken
01-07-2018, 10:16 PM
"Okay fine I won't get up but at least listen to me," he said softly to her amused. "I found our Oracle. They live... Well she lives and she is one of ours. She belongs to our kingdom, but I don't know... her.." The last bit was soft, a whisper. He was unsure. Did he know her? He wasn't sure... It felt like his sister, but he knew it couldn't be her. She was no Oracle and she was much ... different power wise. He could sense something was off, but they looked identical. Just the girl had slitted eyes at time where his sister didn't. 

However, he had no way of telling if that was due to their god or not. He kissed her and smiled. "We are safe once more... Just know that my love. The angels no longer have an Oracle over us. We are even."
01-07-2018, 10:27 PM
Lia was still trying to wake up, but it was hard. He was so comfortable to lay on... how could she not go back to sleep?

Well, he was quick to stop that. The girl looked back up at him with big eyes, unsure of what she was hearing. The Oracle was alive... and she was of death. “Wait, what?” How could he not know who the Oracle was? All of the royals knew each other, so how was it possible he didn’t know his family? She had heard little of the other royal. Most would speak about Razor, but she had heard tales about a royal demon out of the country.. she thought it was a death demon, but that was where the stories got unclear. The Oracle was death...

“How can you not know her love? If she’s death, she’s part of your family...”
01-07-2018, 10:34 PM
"I know that is what I'm telling you my love," he told her. His tone was slightly annoyed but it was clear it was more at his lack of knowledge. Never before had he been so puzzled and the fact she had used magic not of their species even more so. What the hell was that Oracle. Was she even a demon? Yes she was... He had felt that at least. What was she thought.

She looked so much like his sister it hurt, but Morion on the way home had confirmed it wasn't his aunt. He knew... Something wasn't right here. "She looks like my lost sister, but even Morion has confirmed she's a hybrid. My sister was full demon... The child must be hers, but why now... and where had she been?"
01-07-2018, 10:54 PM
Lia tried to get herself up, still weak from her need of bed. Her arms shook a bit as her hair wrapped around her body. She wanted to sleep, but apparently they were having an important discussion. Was this how their mornings would be now?

“If she’s a hybrid, maybe she was with the father,” Lia quietly replied. At least she knew he didn’t have another child he didn’t know about. The child was his sister’s, but what was the father? “But why would the girl be with the father and not the mother...” the child was a royal. If his sister was anytrhing like Razor, then she wouldn’t allow the child to go to anyone else.

Lia sighed as she gave into her need for the bed and laid back down on her lover. Her head rested on his chest as she tried to nuzzle in. “I don’t know Razor... I really don’t.”
01-14-2018, 01:24 PM
"I don't know my love... I just don't like the way some of these things are playing out right now," he mumbled softly. He was ecstatic they had an Oracle and their god hasn't abandoned them, but at the same time... Where had she been? Who was the father? And where the gods' name was his sister? Not that he ever thought she'd care about any kid she had. No his sister was always after one thing. Power. She never cared about the price for it. He was just surprised he hadn't seen her yet with this child and her trying to take his throne by claiming the gods chose her because she carried the Oracle, not him. 

He rubbed her back softly, the thoughts spinning in his head. It might even keep him up a night. When would she try to come and strike? He could feel the uprising already. His sister wouldn't stop unless... His eyes widened as a thought occured to him. One he hadn't thought of before...

"Maybe...my sister is dead..that would explain a lot."
05-23-2018, 10:27 PM
Well that was one way to wake her up.

The demoness propped herself partially up so her forearms supported her weight as her eyes bore into her lover's full of shock. No, it couldn't be. His sister, dead? It would explain why she didn't make a claim for the throne with the Oracle as her spawn, but she could have also waited for the child to grow up. The way she... it acted was odd to say the least. Then again there was a god speaking at the time.

"No... That can't be... Can it?" Lia muttered slowly, unable to really comprehend it herself. She barely knew the family as it was, but for the sister to be dead and no one know? "She's a royal.. Is it even possible for a royal to die having born Vaerath's lost Oracle and no one even know about it? For a matter a fact, she has been alive this entire time and we now only know that the Oracle is of Death..." Something wasn't adding up. Words were spewing out, but it would do little if not nothing for her lover's already uneasy nerves. Instead, the demoness took a deep breath in to steady her own before laying back down on Razor's chest once more; head tilted up to stare at his eyes once more.

"We can ask the child in due time. She needs rest and she's the only lead we have to your sister. We can't do anything while the Oracle recovers from our God's.. intervention. Come my love. Come rest with me." She gave him a faint smile as her fingertips traced idle circles in his chest. The stress wasn't good for either of them. They could deal with this later on when they could actually speak to the unknown hybrid.
06-12-2018, 08:53 PM
Razor exhaled sharply listening to his mate. He gently rubbed her back as he tried to soothe himself as much as her. She didn't need the stress, but behind that liquid amber thoughts stirred like a hivehive of bees. His fingers twitched ever so softly as he creased her back.

What could he do? Who was this girl? Where was his sister? He had so much on his plate. He could feel it all spilling over and soon he would drown. Age could not kill him but he wasnt sure about stress. 

He kissed her head softly and closed his eyes. .at e if he couldn't see the problems then they would not exist. It could just be him and her for a while longer.
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