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Kora Darkfeather

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Character's Name: Kora Darkfeather
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Conquest Demon
Relationships: Morion (son), Razor (former lover), TBA

Mimicry - Kora is able to mimic the abilities of anyone she sees. However, this ability is only limited to those who have used the ability in front of her. She is only able to mimic up to the extent of the power that is shown. (ex. An element makes a small ball of water from the air in front of her but has the ability to create a hurricane. Kora can only make that small ball of water.) The ability to use those abilities fades after a day. To use the same abilities, she must be shown it again.

Shapeshifting - Like all demons, she is able to shift into 3 animals: a black iridescent viper, a black jaguar, and an owl.

Elementalist - Kora is extremely skilled in manipulating fire. She has specialized in this so much so, that she can use tattoos on peoples bodies as a weapon depending on the shape. It is hard for her to do so on another person as she is not familiar with the ink, but her own is often transformed into a living phoenix rather than a body decoration.

An hourglass shaped woman with dark olive skin. Her eyes are a deep red has if they were soaked in blood that glisten in the night, and her hair a silky white in contrast. Her hair stops at the small of her back. Her eyelashes and eyebrows both pitch black as if they were kissed by the night. She appears to be very intimating to look at standing at around 5’7, and she is more then capable of backing that up. On her back is a tattoo of a phoenix with its wings spread across her shoulders while the tail trails down the spine. It is bright red in the center that fades to oranges at the edges. Her ears are double pierced at the top of both her ears.

Proud - While she is not of royalty, Kora more than believes herself to be considered royal even if not by blood. She was more than capable of wooing a royal and producing an heir to the kingdom. She knows her own beauty is beyond compare and thus, sees most others below her; even amongst actual royals.
Vindictive - If you cross this demoness, she is more than willing to get her hands dirty. Any ill-will or the smallest offense will put you on this demoness’s shit list and don’t think she won’t make you pay in full… and then some.
Heartless - It has been debated whether she has a heart or not. It is very rare to see her smile if not for a cruel or vengeful affair. Her happiness is stationed in malice that it is a wonder she has anyone who enjoys her company.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Profile.
Please post your character to the Add Characters to Guide thread to have your character added to the Character Directory.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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