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Beriadan, the Dust Magic Dragon Mage

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Character's Name: Beriadan

Nicknames: None

Titles: Dragon Mage

Age: 327

Gender: Male

Species: Pren Elf

Personal Vikta: Western Dragon


Dust Magic: Dust Magic is an alternative method of casting magic, formed based on the study of Vikta. It is intrinsically tied to the forces of nature and the flow of energy throughout the world, its whole premise based on that natural flow. Unlike traditional magic, Dust Magic treats Vikta less as potential energy and more like a constant flow of active energy that is always present and that can be tapped into if one knows how. To use this energy, the Dust Mage changes its flow and form, manifesting it as a physical body. One can then transform this inert physical energy, titled Dust, into active energy, forming spells by once more changing the energy's flow and form. Philosophically, Dust Magic treats Vikta not as something you own and control, but as something that exists within everything, including yourself. It treats it as a flow of energy that one can shape, calling upon its aid rather than bending it to your will. Staying true to this philosophy, Dust fades when not in use, returning to the natural flow of the world.

Because Dust Magic uses the Vikta that exists within everything, not just oneself, it can be drawn from three sources instead of the standard limit of one. These three sources are oneself, one's environment, and a willing other. When drawn from any source, Dust first appears as particulate matter forming around the user, who can then condense it into a physical form of their desiring and then control. To draw it from oneself is the easiest of the three sources, and the closest to traditional magic. To do this, one draws Vikta out of themselves and shapes it into a desired physical form. Afterward, they can activate it and use it as they wish. To draw it from a willing other is essentially the same, and only requires that another be willing to grant you use of their Vikta. However, when one draws Vikta from themselves, they lose that Vikta, as one does when casting a spell. But when one draws Vikta from another, that person loses Vikta instead, as it is drawn from them instead of the user.

To draw Vikta from the environment is the hardest of the three sources to draw from, and one must have a strong understanding of Free-Flowing Vikta to utilize it to its fullest potential. However, if one were to master using this source, they could command the very elements around them. This makes this form of Dust Magic both the most difficult to perform but also potentially the strongest, as by using it one can alter the flow and form of Free-Flowing Vikta around them while expending little of their own Vikta. However, one must be careful of how they use this form of Dust Magic, as it runs the risk of harming the environment around them. Drawing even large amounts of Vikta from a magical location isn't very dangerous, but doing so in a more mundane environment runs the risk of draining too much and causing long-term damage. One could also use this form of Dust Magic to drain Vekta from a magic item, but much like overuse damaging an environment, it can also risk breaking weaker items.

When drawing Vikta from any location, the type of Dust that results depends on the Vikta drawn. Every Dust Mage can usually only draw one or two types of Vikta from themselves, and the types they contain depend on who they are. Their personality, experiences, aspirations, everything that makes them who they are, also dictates what type of Vikta they can draw from themselves. Discovering the true nature of oneself is the first major step to becoming an adept Dust Mage. To truly understand the flow of Vikta through the world, one must first understand the flow of Vikta through themselves. This makes it usual for a Dust Mage in training to be able to see at least the form of their own Vikta, if not also the forms of Vikta around them, by the time they can be considered a true user of Dust. A powerful Dust Mage may even be able to further connect to the form of their own Vikta, giving them talents based on whatever animal it may be, though this requires a very deep understanding of oneself.

Dust is best used for performing Nature Magic and commanding the powers of the elements, though it can be used for other types of magic as well. However, when using Dust to perform High Magic, which focuses on completely bending Vikta to one's will, one will find themselves having a difficult time unless they have the right personality for it. Usually, one who can manage such a feat without significant difficulty will have a commanding personality of some kind, or just a very strong will, but having such a mindset will also make it harder to perform Nature Magic using Dust. This is because using Dust to perform Nature Magic requires one to more subtly alter the flow of energy through nature, changing this flow to match their will, rather than commanding it to obey. Because of this, any single Dust Mage will focus on either Nature Magic or High Magic, with the latter being significantly rarer. Whatever magic one performs, Dust Magic is also slower to perform than traditional magic, especially when using the environment, as it requires an additional step before casting.

Crystal Magic: Beriadan is particularly skilled at using Crystal Magic, the third form of Dust Magic. The vast majority of his fighting style uses Crystal Magic. Because of this, he wastes little energy, controlling the output of his magic very carefully. Crystal Magic is the form of Dust Magic that he has most extensively researched, and he often conducts various experiments involving it. He has even begun to form permanent crystals of Dust Magic, which he uses most often in his experiments, trying to find ways to improve even further.

Feral Magic: Beriadan is innately capable of Feral Magic, as all Pren Elves are. However, as he is a Dust Mage, his Feral Magic works a bit differently from others. Instead of directly affecting a target animal so that he may converse with it, he instead draws Vikta from himself, forming Dust, and disperses it in an area, creating a sparse mist. Any living creature within this mist comes under the effects of his Feral Magic, the mist acting as a translator of sorts for all beings that come into contact with it. This is the only thing Beriadan ever uses his innate Feral Magic for, seeing any other potential use as a waste of his time. He sees no need to bend the minds of other creatures with magic, and solely relying on his innate ability with this skill allows him to devote more of his time to elemental magic.

There is also an oddity about Beriadan's Feral Magic, and that is the fact that it is always partially active. He doesn't draw Feral Vikta from himself, but instead, his Vikta seems innately infused with it. To utilize his Feral Magic he simply draws unaligned Vikta from himself and forms it into Dust. This means that whenever he uses any magic, it is innately infused with some of his Feral Magic. This leads to any being coming into contact with Dust drawn from himself or magical attacks formed from that Dust being partially put under the effects of his Feral Magic. This allows them to understand the meaning behind any words spoken by him during an attack, or sometimes catch glimpses of his emotions if he is feeling any strongly enough.

Air Magic: Air Magic is what Beriadan is most skilled at, air being one of the types of Vikta he can draw from himself. He spends most of his time using Air Magic and can use it in a variety of ways. The most common of these ways is to use wind to generate semi-physical objects, something he specializes in, and he achieves this by making the energy of the magic flow in a specific shape, creating a kinetic barrier of sorts. He can use this to create many things and usually relies on creating something that will help him at any given moment rather than something he is familiar with, giving him a very diverse fighting style. However, he does have a few techniques that he finds himself falling back on, as they tend to be more effective than others in most situations, or he likes them more.

Fire Magic: Fire Magic is what Beriadan is second most skilled at, and another type of Vikta that he can draw from himself. While he uses Fire Magic often in combat, it is rare to see him use it anywhere else unless it is needed. While it is indeed useful in many combat scenarios, it is very destructive as well. While Beriadan doesn't care about damaging an area, so long as he doesn't cause widespread harm, he doesn't want to be known for being reckless. Some may say the philosophy of Dust Magic would be against causing damage to any environment, but he views fire as another part of nature. Should he burn down some vegetation, more will spawn from the ashes. It is all about balance, and one cannot have such if both sides aren't present. When Beriadan does use Fire Magic, it is most often because he has gotten serious about a fight, and he will often use it alongside his Air Magic to devastating effect.

Great Strength: Even without his usually magic-reinforced attacks, Beriadan is quite strong. He is a Pren Elf, after all, and has had a very long time to train his body alongside his magic. Most of his magical fighting style is centered around his strength, working with it to make both stronger. He has to if he wants to keep up with other mages as talented as himself, Pren Elves being the least magically inclined of the Elves. It is for these reasons that even without the use of magic, Beriadan has trained his body to become powerful. His bare fists are capable of breaking bone and stone alike should his opponents not be careful around him. His hands and especially fingers, covered in scar tissue resulting from his Fire Magic, are his strongest feature, his grip strength going widely unchallenged. His hands are so strong that he can stop weapons in their tracks, his heightened senses allowing him to catch them mid-swing. He can even snap weapons between his fingers, should they be anything but sturdily built.

Fire Resistance: From his connection with his Personal Vikta, that being a Western Dragon, Beriadan has gained some resistance to flame, magical or otherwise. This is by no means an immunity, as he can very much still be burned. However, burning him is somewhat harder than burning most other people, especially on his hands which have been strengthened by small burns throughout his life. This resistance is strong enough that he can walk through mundane fire and only sustain burns if he remains in them for a long time. Magical flames, on the other hand, will still burn him, should the caster not be a complete rookie, but they'll burn him less than what would generally be expected, turning an agonizing burn into a momentary distraction. This resistance allows him to tank his way through Fire Magic if he needs to, should that magic not be exceptionally powerful.

Draconic Presence: Another skill granted to him by his Personal Vikta, Beriadan can call upon the visage of a Western Dragon, projecting his presence to the area around him. His strengthened aura gives his words and actions supernatural weight, making him nearly impossible to ignore, even when faced with a lofty and stubborn creature. He projects the aura of a conqueror, infusing his every word and action with draconic might.  Some may even say that whenever Beriadan uses this ability of his, the Elf he was is replaced by a dragon in humanoid form, making him appear larger than he is. His Draconic Presence is also affected by his Feral Magic, projecting any emotions he feels particularly strongly.

Common Techniques:

Coat of Wind: Beriadan's favorite defensive technique, and one of the ones that he is most known for, for the people that do know of him. Coat of Wind has him coat his body in a thin, nearly invisible layer of crystallized Air Dust. This protective coating, when activated, covers his body in a skin-tight, powerful interlocking air current, deflecting any attacks that may try to cause him physical harm. This technique, combined with his natural strength, is capable of stopping attacks that could even split metal, proving to be his most valuable technique. However, as Dust fuels it, this protective wind barrier can be exhausted should it sustain too many attacks against it, causing Beriadan to have to refuel it by forming more Dust from his Vikta. It is because of this that, whenever in a serious enough fight, he continually refuels this barrier, and if it isn't being used up it only becomes more dense and powerful as time goes on. This continuous formation of Dust creates a visible shroud around his body as more of it collects and becomes solid. To make this technique even more powerful, Beriadan can use Fire Dust as well. This gives the currents flowing along his body even more force, but the heat carried by them will gradually begin to overheat him, meaning he can't use this for too long.

Dragon Claw: Beriadan's favorite offensive technique, and one of the ones that earned him the title of Dragon Mage. Dragon Claw is a physical fighting style enhanced by magic, capitalizing on his natural strength. It has him hold his fingers in a specific shape, resembling a claw of some kind. His index and middle fingers are held together, as are his ring and pinky fingers. This results in a spread three-pronged shape that is only possible due to extensive practice and Dust holding them in that position. Each of these three prongs is coated heavily in crystallized Air Dust, creating powerful air currents around them. One thrust from Beriadan's Dust-clad hands in this position is enough to puncture metal and tear it asunder. One swing from his Dust-made "claws" can create slicing wind capable of splitting rock. If he wants to be truly destructive, he can add Fire Dust to his hands, infusing his crushing blows with searing heat and flames capable of reducing metal to slag on a direct hit. Using Dragon Claw in this manner for too long can burn Beriadan's hands. However, extensive use of this technique has already done so, strengthening his hands and especially his fingers with scar tissue. Practicing this technique has also given him powerful grip strength.

Dragon Wing: Another one of Beriadan's favorite techniques, and another one that contributed to his title of Dragon Mage. A more simple technique than his other favorites, Dragon Wing has him coalesce Air Dust behind him, forming draconic wings made from crystallized Dust. In combat, these wings are small and used more as jets, propelling himself across a battlefield extremely quickly. He can also use Fire Dust for even greater propulsion. When in actual flight, the wings are made larger and Beriadan usually glides across the sky with them, using a combination of Air Dust and Fire Dust to generate lift. He actually likes flying, as being alone in the sky helps him think. However, flying for long periods of time can be exhausting, as a large amount of Vikta is required to maintain his wings. Beriadan can also use his Dust-made draconic wings to attack, swinging them at an area to generate enormous gusts of wind, capable of uprooting small trees if enough Vikta is devoted to the attack.

Accelerated Fire: Whenever Beriadan uses Fire Magic, it is most often in tandem with Air Magic. He infuses his fire with wind, making it burn hotter, carry more impact, and he can even form it into manageable shapes. By exercising more control over his fire and keeping it contained with wind, he can make it last longer. This allows him to exert more presence in combat, forming stable bodies of flame from which he fires searing missiles at an opponent, each missile propelled by Air Magic and capable of turning to attack once more. When Beriadan wants to get destructive, he can blow wind into his Fire Magic, sending forth a sea of superheated flame to scorch anything unlucky enough to be in its path. This technique grants him more control over his Fire Magic as well as making it more powerful, making him a force to be reckoned with whenever he uses it. That is, in the unlikely circumstance that he isn't already a force to be reckoned with to anyone who has seen him truly fight.

Appearance: The first thing someone will notice when they look at Beriadan would be his physique. He is more muscled than most elves, and such is quite easy to see. He tends to keep his clothing very light, not wanting it to get in the way of travel and especially not wanting it to get in his way during a fight. His upper clothing consists of tight sleeveless shirts and vests, always keeping his arms exposed. He also keeps his pants a bit tight, but comfortable enough to ensure ease of movement. Boots are the only type of footwear that Beriadan is ever caught wearing, and they almost always show signs of wear from travel. Like other Pren Elves, his clothing is typically made from leather or hide. He wears light browns, giving him a neutral appearance and tending to draw more attention to his muscled arms, especially since he has moderate burn scarring on his hands and light scarring all the way up to his shoulders.

One may think his color scheme is a bit weird for a Pren Elf, but Beriadan has long since abandoned his species' tendency to hide unseen in trees, instead opting for a more direct approach. His other features also don't help him with any attempts at stealth. His skin is a very light brown, appearing as if he has been lightly tanned. His hair is also somewhat unusual, being a very dark red, bordering on black. One may even assume his hair is black unless they see him in the light, where it appears to shimmer red in the sun. His hair is curly, short, and unkempt, covering the sides of his head in thick locks which his tapered ears pierce. As mentioned before, Beriadan is rather muscular, but not overly so. One can still see the elf in him, aside from the usual eyes and ears, as while he is muscular, he also has an elegance about him. He has a solid build and bares all the signs of a seasoned fighter, but is lithe and able to flex his body with ease.

Beriadan's facial features are sharp. From his nose to his smile, it appears as if his face is covered in figurative blades. From his eyes that can pierce your soul to a jawline that can cut steel, some describe his face as outright predatory. His eyes are nearly as dark as his hair but shine a somewhat brighter red, almost appearing to glow in low lighting. Beriadan's facial features alone could earn him his title of Dragon Mage, for his face, positioned atop a body of rippling, muscled elegance, can often remind one of the commanding, predatory presence that belongs to the scaled leviathans of the sky. Beriadan's demeanor can also evoke this presence as he strides proudly to wherever he may be heading. He isn't clumsy in the slightest, each step appearing purposeful and elegant, landing right where he wants. His walk is akin to the relaxed prowl of a predator through its territory, not holding a hint of fear, but always appearing ready to pounce.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 230 lbs


Adventurous: If any trait of Beriadan's were labeled his core, it would be his desire to explore. This exploration is not limited to the physical realm, as while he does love a good adventure, he also profoundly loves to explore himself and others. He has an unending curiosity, always desiring to learn more about everything that interests him. His interests include magic, culture, treasure, and many others. When something perks his interest, it is almost impossible to keep him away from it until he thinks he has learned everything he can. This lust for knowledge and excitement constantly takes him away from his home to venture into whatever corner of the world has currently perked his interest. Most of the time, one won't find him home. In fact, most of the time he will be several weeks worth of travel away from his home, at least by nonmagical standards.

Rebellious: Beriadan doesn't believe himself to be rebellious, but merely sensible. However, many rebellious people also think just that. Growing up in his elven village, he never quite felt at home. Sure, he was connected with nature, and he'd argue that he was more so than anyone else who lived there. However, his definition of nature was always broader than the rest of theirs. To him, nature was everything, for it had been everything. No matter what you did to nature, reshape it or rebuild it, it would always remain nature. Fire was nature; metal was nature; civilization was nature; no matter what you did to nature, so long as you didn't destroy it, it always remained nature in whatever form it now took. Tired of the shallow-mindedness of his fellow villagers, he opted to leave while still barely into adulthood. To this day he only follows his own beliefs, entirely ignoring those of others unless he deems them sensible.

Prideful: Beriadan is very proud of what he has achieved. That doesn't mean he lets himself get to his head, but creating a new method of casting magic is no easy feat, and he recognizes this. He knows that one's image is important, and will react very negatively should his image be insulted, or the image of one he cares about, and he will defend his honor fiercely. He will respond especially negatively to insults directed at his magic and will be more than happy to prove anyone wrong about it. When someone insults his pride in some way, he isn't usually violent about it, unless the insult is particularly great. More often he will simply remember the insult, and not be helping them any time in the future. One important thing to note about Beriadan is that, while he's definitely prideful, he isn't vain. If someone were to prove something to him, even if he has previously strongly believed otherwise, he sees no reason for keeping the belief simply because he has. He readily discards any fallacies as soon as he discovers them, believing himself to be a better person because of it.

Blunt: Beriadan is a very blunt individual. He calls things as he sees them, seeing no point in doing otherwise. He believes the first step to enlightenment is to accept things as they are, not as what you want them to be. If he disagrees with something, he will make such known. When asked to describe someone's faults, he will do so without guilt. He sees no point in sugarcoating something, for seeing something as it truly is, no matter how bad it may be, is required for someone to improve. After all, you can't fix something if you don't even know that it is broken or flawed. This does not, however, mean that Beriadan goes out of his way to be mean. He calls things as he sees them, no more and no less. He will readily give praise where praise is due. He just doesn't see the point of making something bad seem better than it is. Such can often even lead to danger, as it prevents one from preparing themselves, or can make them overconfident. There is no use in making someone feel good just to have themselves get killed later because of it.

Distractible: Beriadan, at times, can be a bit distractible. He often follows his whims, chasing whatever interests him at any given moment. If he sees something interesting, he feels a strong urge to examine it. If he gets to thinking about something that he deems important, he can space out until he is done processing it. This trait shows most strongly when Beriadan is around magical objects, as he can get obsessed with magical things not known to him. He has a fascination for the unusual and will be drawn to anything that meets his definition of that. Beriadan can, at times, show interest in people, but this is rare. He is often too busy doing something he deems important, so he is not the most romantically interested person. When someone does manage to pique his interest, it is usually because something physical or magical about them is strange or unknown. If someone has a striking feature, he may want to examine it if it interests him. If someone displays magic that is unknown to him or that he finds interesting, he will often approach them. Beriadan isn't entirely uninterested in romance, it just doesn't come up often, and he doesn't actively seek it out.


Beriadan grew up in Elesseas, the hidden city built in the trees of Linosea Forest. Until he reached adulthood, his life was perfectly fine. He, like all the other elves in the city, was very connected to nature. However, as he became of age, he began to have questions about the life he was living. Until then, he had never displayed signs of magic, not even the innate Feral Magic that all Pren Elves have. He knew that this couldn't be, as he felt magic swirling inside him on a day to day basis, just waiting for him to realize his potential. Not using any magic for more than seventy-five years of his life had caused him to focus on other things, like improving his physical abilities, and many elves of the city told him that this was fine. If nature had not elected to give him magic, that must mean that his destiny lies elsewhere. But he refused, putting all of his mind and body to connecting with nature and figuring out how to use the energy, the Vikta, that he always felt swirling within him.

Some elves of the city were worried about his apparent obsession, arguing that he should accept the destiny nature gave him. Others applauded his tenacity, claiming that nature may just be challenging him and that it could be a sign that he was destined for great things should he overcome his struggle. Firmly believing in the latter, Beriadan pushed on, often spending weeks at a time isolating himself deep in the forest, away from the city. It would take some time, over ten years, but he would finally realize his gift. It started small, him manifesting an ability to sense the Vikta of the world around him as well as his own. As he studied this Vikta, his understanding of himself grew. He could feel the Vikta, but he couldn't use it. It was there, but not in a form that he could use. He spent weeks on end trying to change it into something that he could call upon, constantly changing his mindset as he discovered new things. Eventually, he succeeded in his endeavors.

What Beriadan had discovered was Dust Magic, himself coming up with the name. Since he couldn't utilize Vikta in its natural form, he found a way to use his willpower to call, rather than force, it into a new form by changing how it flowed through reality. This new form, which he labeled Dust, was solid. That was the reason he couldn't use traditional magic: his mind couldn't figure out how to grasp the nonphysical nature of Vikta as it was found naturally. Through extensively studying of the flow of Vikta around him, his innate magic had found a way to express itself by altering the form of said Vikta into a substance that his mind could handle. He had finally proven all of his doubters wrong, but this wasn't the end. He wanted to learn more, and nobody in Elesseas could teach him, as they couldn't use his method of magic. Eventually, he decided that the wisest choice would be to leave Elesseas, something many of the elves of the city strongly disagreed with, but that didn't stop him.

Beriadan didn't feel sorry about nor did he regret his decision. To this day he feels as if he made the right choice. Sure, many of his brethren felt as if he was abandoning their sense of community to chase his desires, and in a way he was. However, he knew that he wouldn't have ever felt at home there. Besides, there were plenty of other able-bodied elves there, and they could get by fine without him. He decided to chase his dreams rather than be forever frustrated at how he was different than the rest. So he set off to Seliel, the city so famous for its magic that word of it even reached Elesseas. After he found solid foundations to work with, he took his Dust Magic to Yfrelo and enrolled in the mage guild there, while still keeping his residency at Seliel for when he would return. It was at Yfrelo where he discovered much more about Dust Magic, and he even showed it off more than once at a few festivals. Yfrelo was the first place that Beriadan felt truly free to chase his dreams, and he made the most of the opportunity.

After studying for a great deal of time at Yfrelo, a good fifty years or so, he returned to his home in Seliel. However, he still visits Yfrelo often, as he has grown quite fond of that city of magic. Now that Dust Magic was known to the magic community at Yfrelo, he knew that it would inevitably spread. Still, not relying solely on that, he went out adventuring from his home, showing off his magic whenever he could. He'd hop from town to town, city to city, asking if they had any problems that he could resolve using his magic, and there were many problems he could. The ability to use all kinds of magic, while definitely not being good at all of them, was still very useful in solving a wide variety of problems. He has made crops grow, moved landslides, reconnected drying lakes with rivers, fended off bandits and beasts alike, and many other things. Eventually, his travels earned him the title of Dragon Mage, and he became quite known among other practitioners of magic, especially those of elemental magic.

Beriadan eventually became hooked on traveling, finding that he quite enjoyed the thrill of adventure, especially into the unknown. To this day he spends most of his time away from home, exploring whatever location has caught his fancy. He's visited many different cities and villages, even visiting the occasional village of beasts in hopes of studying magical creatures, though the inhabitants of such places were often not very happy about his presence. Whenever such happened, he made sure to keep a respectable distance away from such areas, and he does the same to other areas known for their isolation, including fairy villages, something he is often distraught over not being able to visit. He also keeps his distance from areas of high tension, such as the homes of Angels or Demons, for he does not wish to get caught in their war. All in all, Beriadan has had a life full of adventure, something his demeanor often gives away, and he plans to have many more adventures to come.

Roleplay Sample:

There was a heavy thump as Alexander slammed his right foot into the ground. Following that, there was a loud whoosh as his weapon, Leviathan, swung through the air in a downward arc. As the large weapon, currently in its great form with a fully collapsed handle, swung through the air, a silver sheen could be seen enveloping Alexander. Just before the tip of the blade would crash into the ground, it suddenly stopped. All momentum ceased, and Leviathan came to a perfect still. As it did so, a small rush of air would blow away from Alexander in all directions from the force of his swing. For a moment, all was still, unnaturally so. Both he and his weapon did not so much as twitch. Both of them stood frozen in perfect silence, his body still covered in a silver sheen.

After a few more seconds passed, the sheen faded and all was normal once more. Letting out a sigh, Alexander lifted Leviathan back up, holding it at an upward angle, as one would typically hold a sword. With his right foot still forward, he adopted a ready stance. After a few seconds of holding said stance, the shifting of metal could be heard as Leviathan collapsed into its regular form. Immediately following that, Alexander would jerk his weapon to the left, then swinging it in a slightly upward arc to the right. Then he would swing his weapon back to the left, this time in a downward arc, around the height of someone's knees. He would move with the momentum of this swing, spinning around into the same overhead strike as before while Leviathan shifted into its great form.

However, just like last time, a silver sheen began enveloping him as he let the momentum of his weapon carry him. Just before his overhead swing would crash Leviathan into the ground, it stopped. His body and blade once more became perfectly still, another rush of wind blowing away from his statuesque form. He stood there, silent, in the middle of a small open space somewhere on the outskirts of Beacon Academy. He came here often. Not here in particular, but around Beacon Academy in general. There was a reason he came here too. It wasn't very convenient to train at his house and was even less so at the Tormann Tech building. He found that it was much easier to find some seclusion at the academy, where most people were off doing their own things.

Alexander was a firm believer that experience trumped training like this any day. However, he wasn't training for what he usually did, which is hunt Grimm. Today he was training in how to fight another person. He didn't expect such a situation to come up often, but he wasn't one to be unprepared. Some may say he could find someone to spar with, but it wasn't easy to walk up to someone and ask for a duel, even at the academy. He could probably bulldoze through most if not all of the students, and any teachers were probably busy doing whatever work that they usually did. It was true that fighting people wasn't his specialization, but many of the tactics he used against Grimm could be easily adapted for use against people. Just think of them as small, very hardy Grimm.

Even so, Alexander wanted to make sure he was adept at taking down another Huntsman should he need to. It didn't necessarily have to be a life or death situation either. Sometimes he got bored fighting enemies that went down in one hit, something he had to deal with a lot given that Leviathan was designed to do just that, and he wanted to fight something that could take a hit. It didn't matter if he won or lost, he just wanted something to get his blood pumping. While hunting Grimm often did that, it was more the thrill of being the predator. Sometimes, he wanted a change of pace, to not be the predator for once. He wanted to face someone he could consider his equal, or at least comparable to him in skill or power. Still, winning would be more fulfilling than losing.

It was for this reason that Alexander was here, in this open space, swinging his sword around. He was working on how to better use his semblance in the middle of a combo, rather than for an entire one. The combo he was currently working on would knock a weapon or shield out of the way, sweep his opponent's feet out, and finish with an overhead swing that would impact as they were falling, smashing them into the ground. If they managed to block his downward strike, he could keep them on the ground with his semblance long enough to extend Leviathan's pole, point his weapon downwards, and impale them even further into the ground. That way, even if his final strike didn't do much damage, he could lock his opponent down for a bit, allowing himself to think.

While Alexander could probably think of more destructive combos, he believed that starting with basic bread and butter type moves like this would benefit him greatly. This combo was easy to perform, only consisted of three strikes, and was relatively easy to recover from. The combo could also be used any time an opponent was caught off guard or in a defensive stance. He could be activating his semblance a bit later, ensuring that it didn't kill his weapon's momentum, but he didn't want to crack the floor. He could easily pay for it to be fixed, it would just be a hassle dealing with it, especially with him practicing the combo again and again as he was. He also thought it would be rude to leave fractured flooring all over the place just because he could pay for its repair.

Alexander let out another sigh as he deactivated his semblance. He wasn't sighing because of boredom, frustration, or any of the usual reasons people sighed for. He was merely letting out air. He was holding himself back while he practiced, something he didn't often do. Unbridled ferocity was his thing whenever he was out hunting Grimm. Realizing this, he was trying to exercise more restraint in his fighting style, especially against people. As he rarely ever did this, he found that he was holding his breath a bit too much. He needed to work on this. He needed to exercise more control while still allowing his attacks to flow freely. Such was not achieved in a short amount of time, and so he started again, lifting Leviathan into a ready stance once more as it collapsed.

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