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Haliea: 25th day

Dancing with Death
04-03-2018, 04:49 PM
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Thread Status: Closed
Players involved: Handyman, KokoPuffs
Characters involved: Ceserus (Handyman), Taahira (KokoPuffs)
Setting: Katakarthia, A small, nameless town on the island off the western coast of the Warring Wastes, northwest of Plenty Castle
Time: Current, just after dark
Weather: Cool, windy, and clear

His recent return to Katakarthia had left him with a significantly shorter leash than what he was used to. After years of roaming around the vast expanse of Sleibte being confined to the boarders of Katakarthia was a slight annoyance that he had not been afraid to voice when he was “reassigned” as it were. Regardless, Ceserus had not argued in the slightest when he was told his new purpose for the time being. He was to roam the lesser populated of the angel and demon territories, gathering as much information as he could about movements of the angelic forces and attempting to subvert any potential incursions by wrecking havoc in smaller, less important areas that might divert their attention just enough to give the demonic forces an advantage. He was certain that he would be called to the battlefield before too long, especially given his ability to wield the corpses of the fallen as his puppets. But his abilities were limited, and especially since he had to avoid any confrontation in the daylight. Light of any kind was a hindrance to the reaper, but he could adapt to fire light and light produced from magic much more effectively than sunlight.

It was, in fact, because of this hindrance that Ceserus had taken such a long time to reach the small town that he now strode into as the last rays of sunlight fell below the horizon and the pale glow of moonlight began to overtake the sky. This town, which sat nestled on a small island just off the coast west of the Plenty Castle was still in tact, unlike most of the cities near the angelic and demonic boarder. Normally, to travel the distance that he had needed to, Ceserus would simply open a portal to his destination, but having never been within the boarders of angel lands and not wanting to attract the attention of the radiant creatures, Ceserus had opted to waiting for nightfall and only teleporting short distances at a time. Finally, after travelling along the road for a couple of days, Ceserus could finally see the light of a small, possibly unnamed town coming into view. With the corner of his mouth curling into a grin, Ceserus covered the distance between himself and the edge of the small village in an instant, melding into the shadows and emerging from them next to a small building that was probably a shop of some sort.

There will still some people out and about, though most of them were coming and going from one particular establishment from which the scent of baked bread, smoked meats, and ale wafted toward the reaper. It was as good a place as any to begin, and if he planned on being in town for longer than one night it would make sense for him to get a room to stay at in order to avoid suspicion. Though he did not truly need to sleep, the sensation of rest was still something he appreciated, and after so many days of travel via arcane means, he needed to recuperate. As he stepped up to the door of what appeared to be a cross between a tavern and an inn, Ceserus removed his hood and allowed the warmth of the air in the space to envelop him. He preferred the chill of the night air, but nothing could be done. The smell of food and drink only intensified, and the sound of conversation was accompanied by music being played by a human man with a piano. The tavern section of the establishment was occupied by quite a few groups of people, and though it was not filled completely, there were enough people to make Ceserus to infer that this was probably the only place to get a good drink in the whole town.

Settling into a seat at a table near the back of the dining area, the elven-looking man flagged down a server and ordered an ale. While he waited for his drink Ceserus draped his cloak over the back of his chair and settled in, glancing about the room and searching for what the source of his entertainment for the evening would be.
04-03-2018, 08:48 PM
What had even brought Taahira to Katakarthia in the first place? Even to such a small little town at that? There was nothing particularly interesting about this place, though the people seemed to be very well happy here; even if they lived so close to the war zone. The woman had heard about it through the words other as she passed as she traveled here; though, it was nothing she particularly wanted to get in involved with. As far as she could remember, these two being had been waging war against each other for so long. Neither side having won yet, but it seems the Demons were certainly getting an upper hand on the light kingdom as of late. At this point, it really didn't matter to her who exactly won this stupid war of theirs; she was tired of hearing about it, seeing it. Just all around unphased by anything to do with it.

What would even be the point? They had their own kinds to fight along side them, though she would defend herslef it the need be. It was not the Angels she really needed to worry about, but more so the Demons. They would take a life just for getting in their way; pathetic of them, but nothing one could do about the nature of another being. Yet, she could easily pass between either being without harm, as she could easily changer her form to go along with either race. It was a handy ability to have and spriti elementals were a rare thing anyway, so who would be wise enough to find out? Oh well, here she was, standing in the local tavern/inn.

She was able to find herself the work while she was here, apprently not many dancers lived in this place; the change of entertainment was duely needed as it seemed. At least everyone here looked happy with themselves, eating, drinking, and just having a good laugh with friends. It was rather nice to see, honestly, people enjoying themselves despite the war upon their land; the ever growing threat the drew near. A soft smile curled onto his thick lips, feet soon guiding her towards the center of the tavern; man on the piano stopping for just a brief second.

The Spirit Elemental could feel the eyes falling upon her form, her own gazing out at the crowd. None of them stood out, at least until her shinning blue eyes landed on an elven man in the back of the dinning area. Oh well, perhaps he was nothing more than another patron at the tavern; here to enjoy himself along with everyone else. Her bright eyes gazed over towards the man on the piano, who gave a light nod of his head before she looked away. Gently, slowly, his fingers worked on the keys; playing a soft melody into the tavern's warm air.

The delicate woman bowed before everyone, then slowly stood back up; arm stretching up and over her head. It was then that the magic started, body flowing in a fluid motion. Hands whipping up sublte gusts up winds, creating a mix of cool and warm air about the place. Soft, delicate petals began to form as she moved; pink in color and hue, as if spawning from nowhere.
04-04-2018, 03:48 PM
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It did not take long for the server to return to Ceserus’ table, a drink in hand. The reaper took a moment to nod and quietly thank the woman before beginning to nurse the ale. It was surprisingly good for such a small town, though that was probably due to the fact that they were so close to the Land of Plenty. Ceserus had never been there himself, but he could only imagine how much food and drink flowed through that land. Perhaps once the demon armies had conquered the land he would travel there and enjoy himself for a time. He was certain he would probably deserve it by then, assuming he did end up on the battle field as expected.
The music continued as the people in the tavern laughed and sang along when they knew the melody, giving a carefree air that surprised Ceserus, considering the allied Land of Light was under attack at this very moment. Then again, the wars between the angels and demons had been going on for such a long time that  the people in small towns like this one probably ignored it most of the time. They figured they might die any day, so why not live like it. Ceserus, despite being against the people ultimately, could appreciate that lifestyle. It was one that he strived to experience whenever he had a spare moment to himself. But tonight he was on duty in a small capacity. He had to make sure that no angelic forces were gathering in the area to make a direct assault on the land of Death. Even so, Ceserus could not but begin to enjoy the atmosphere, especially when the piano music stopped for a moment.
The woman that approached the front of the room was a sight he did not expect to see in a place like this. Her long white hair falling down her back, accented by the translucent clothing she wore that betrayed her specialty before she even began to perform her art. She was certainly a dancer; that much was clear by the grace in her movements as she glided to the center of the tavern. The room quieted down as an instinctual reaction to her. She was captivating, and she had yet to even begin. Ceserus watched as the woman looked around the room, her eyes dancing from person to person before they finally landed on him. He took that moment to make sure she noticed him, raising his glass slightly as they locked eyes for the briefest of moments, a small smile appearing on his face. He hoped it was enough to get her attention, for he unexpectedly found himself wanting to interact with this woman. She was different than the rest of the common folk in the room, and was certain to be interesting at the very least.
Her dance finally began with the gentle tones of the piano emerging into the air. As she stretched her hand above her head, Ceserus sensed it the moment before it appeared: magic. The subtle gusts of wind and the petals that seemed to form out of thin air began to fly all around her, and then through the entire room. It was not raw, arcane magic like that which Ceserus needed to consume to survive, but rather a more natural, flowing form that caught his attention even more than the woman herself. She produced the cool and warm air with such ease, her body moving like a fluid in the space that the reaper could only assume that she was more powerful than she let on. But more than that, she was beautiful. Without realizing it, Ceserus had allowed the smile to drop from his face as his brow furrowed, studying the woman with a scrutiny that was certainly out of place in a place like this. He continued to watch, hoping that she was come his way when this was all over. At the very least he could buy her drink; maybe then he could find out more about this fascinating woman.
04-06-2018, 01:15 AM
The woman's mind practically left the room she was in, faces disappearing from her thoughts and eyes closing gently; completely taken in on the form of art she enjoyed. It was only her there in her mind, magic flowing, music filling the space around her, and body at the most relaxed it will be that night. There was nothing more she enjoyed than this, and she'd tried many things before in her life so far. Yet, dancing, was the one thing that she could see herself wanting to do until the end of time itself. Each tap of a key from the piano, every note and melody that played flowed through her; like water, ever moving and unstopped by any force. She hadn't even cared for the eyes upon her, though she did hope they were enjoying the show. What a horrible time it would be for her if they did not. It was the reason she did this, to entertain others through something she loved.

Minutes passed, which really didn't feel that long for her; as she was lost in her own little world. The pink petals that flowed around the room started to dissolved as the touched the floor, tables, and even the people they have come in contact with; as if they weren't really there in the first place. As the performance was coming to an end, the petals became less and less, soon disappearing all together; and the wind started to die down as well. It wasn't quite the end, though, as a last and final ending; she lowered herself towards the floor, fingers delicately touching the hard wooden surface. As she raised up, she brought two Eastern Dragons with her, though only an illusion and much smaller than most; they were translusant. One a brilliant blue, and the other a lovely shade of pink.

The more she raised her hands, the two swirled around her for just a moment; until her dainty hands slapped together, causing the two to collide into a mess of color and light. With that over, the music stopped, as did her movements; eyes reopening to collect the difference expressions in the room. A lot of them were in awe of course, a small town like this didn't have such entertainment as she was able to give them. It was heart warming to know they enjoyed the show, yet, her eyes soon fell once again upon the curious man at the back.

With a quick bow of her head, she moved her way towards the back of the room; body slowly moving closer and closer. Why was she even doing this? Perhaps she was curious of him, he didn't look anything like the people here. There was no doubt in her mind that he wasn't from around here, just his looks were enough to tell her of this. In a way, he looked just a curious of her as she was of him. Maybe this would be good to interact with them. "Hello," she spoke in a soft, gentle tone of voice, "I hope you have enjoyed the show."
04-12-2018, 11:04 AM
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She was mesmerizing. Her movements were fluid and the music was captivating. Her body ebbed and flowed like a tide through the petals she produced from thin air. Her hair whipped around her face as her eyes closed and she let the music take over her. It was a display that Ceserus had never seen anything like in his many years of wandering the world. But it was not this beautify that captivated him. No, though he did enjoy the sight of the lovely woman twisting and turning to the music, what really held his attention was the magic. It seemed so pure. It was full of life and energy that caused the reaper to lean forward and pay close attention, to the point where if she had not been dancing and had noticed him it would probably warrant a slap across the face. But she was not watching him, and o he took his time. His eyes narrowed, and the rest of the world around him seemed fade to blackness as the only thing that was on his mind was the woman before him who danced with spells like they were nothing. The feeling that welled up inside of him was not one that would be elicited by a normal man watching this performance. It was not love or lust or even appreciation of the art.

It was hunger.

And then, almost as soon as it had begun, the dance was over. The music stopped and the final display of the two Eastern Dragons colliding together brought out the final crescendo of the performance. The flash of light snapped Ceserus back into the moment, and just like a number of the other patrons, he began to clap quietly at the back of the room. Much to his surprise, he then saw the woman’s eyes fall to him and remain there before bowing slightly and moving toward him. Ceserus smiled to her and raised his glass as she approached, her movements just as graceful while walking as they were while dancing. To was not long before she finally arrived at the table at which point Ceserus stood and pulled out a chair for her. She greeted him, which he returned with a smile. “It was a beautiful performance. You are very talented.” He then moved to take his seat once again before continuing. “I’m glad you picked me out of the crowd to come talk to. There are plenty of people in this tavern that I am sure are jealous of me now.” He chuckled slightly. “I am Ceserus, and I was wondering if I could buy you a drink?”
04-24-2018, 11:01 PM
The woman never really stuck around for much longer than she usually needed to, epsecially in the much smaller towns and villages of the land. Yet, there was just the odd presense of the man in the back. Perhps it was the look in his eyes, or the energy coming from her very being at that. It was odd and quite strange at that, like nothing of the other patrons that were there already. Yet, here she was, standing before him; at least until a chair was pulled out for her to sit on. He was at least a gentleman, for now, but she took upon his offer and lowered herself down upon the wooden seat. "Thank you, sir," she said with a soft, "I am glad you have enjoyed it, I do try my very best you know."

Taahira grabbed the edge of her seat, pulling herself a bit closer towards the table; arms soon folding over the surface while her eyes never left him. "I'm quite sure they are, but it doesn't quite matter to me," she giggled softly, "pleased to meet you, Ceserus, I'm Taahira. I... don't quite drink myself, but who am I to deny such generous offer from you." Some creatures did have the reason for drinking, eating, and all means of consumption. Her, however, didn't have need for such things; though she did need to consume energy herself to live as well. Pure energy, was something she herself need to consume to keep alive, but only when her own body was depleted and weak.

That was not something that happened to her often, as she always kept herself from conflict up until now; not needing to use the full potential she had. "What brings you to such a little village?" the woman questioned softly, body adjusting in the chair, "not much of a place to find much entertainment, but everyone seems to have fun around here." The pale female glanced around the room at all the other people that flocked here, enjoying drinks and food with friends, family, and the like. It made her smile to herself inwardly, such a lovely existence to have. Not a care in the world it seemed, even with the war that closed in around them.
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