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Haliea: 25th day

Old Carnage, New Comrades
03-31-2018, 02:06 PM
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Thread Status: Closed
Players involved: Handyman, King
Characters involved: Darius (Handyman), Ferron (King)
Setting: Sleibte East, Northwest of Eden
Time: Current, late evening
Weather: Cool, dark, lit by the moon

At least it isn't blistering hot like during the day...

Darius furrowed his brow as he continued riding through the open desert, his black horse Xander only trotting beneath him as he allowed his steed to take a break from the hard running they had been doing as soon as the sun had lowered in the sky. They had been travelling for so long in search of some kind of adventure, but alas, he had forgotten just how fickle the life of adventure could be. When he was younger and serving as a mercenary, the jobs always came to him due to the reputation of his group. But now, having to strike out on his own like this, he realized just how lucky he had been as a lad. Life had been so easy then, and when the wanderlust had returned to him, the man had hoped that it would be simple to find work in a world where danger was around every corner. But unfortunately, that was not the case. Instead, he found himself travelling from city to city in search of an odd job here or there that he might survive another day. But regardless of that fact, he much preferred to being out on the road again rather than studying all day long. As good as it had been for him to learn how to control his power and wield it like a weapon alongside his greatsword, he was glad to be adventuring gain; even if that meant killing rats in somebody's basement for a few pieces of silver.

And that is how Darius found himself wandering through the Nkazon Desert on his way to Eden, hoping to find more work out here than he had found in the west of Sleibte. Soon he would arrive at the Oasis city, and then things would hopefully turn around.

As these thoughts rolled through Darius' mind while he continued on his way through the cool evening air, he caught sight of something that caused him to double take. For a moment, he thought he had been imagining it, but as he moved closer, he became certain of what he was seeing. There was a body in the sand. Immediately, Darius stopped Xander and dismounted, telling the steed to wait for him as he stepped forward, his hood drawn over his head. He moved slowly, stepping up to the body which he could now see laying in a pool of blood that had seeped into the sand fairly recently. Glancing up to the top of the dune that the human found himself behind, he slowly began to climb it to the top in hope of seeing who had killed the man, and being prepared to defend himself if need be. As he crested the top of the dun and looked down to the other side, his eyes went wide at the sight below...
04-03-2018, 10:12 PM
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The dune was covered in corpses, all in varying states of dismemberment. They all bore the markings of bandits. On the next dune, there was another man crawling away, leaving a trail of bloody sand in his wake. Given the presence of a smashed up cart, it was clear that the bandits had been transporting something as a caravan, or had perhaps robbed a caravan crossing the dessert. Either way, whatever had struck them tore whatever it hit to pieces, looking less like an attack by people and more like an attack by a wild animal. A low growl echoed off the sands as something moved in the shadows of the dune. The man bleeding on the sands let out a cry of terror.

Ferron's wolf form bounded back over the dune, biting the man's throat out. He looked up at Darius, fangs bared as he began to circle. "Who are you?"
04-09-2018, 02:16 PM
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Bodies. There were bodies everywhere. But they were not just corpses that had been long dead, or that had died as the result of a fight with other people. No, these bodies were ravaged. They were torn apart, their blood soaking the sand and turning it from its regular pale hue to a deep crimson. The taste of iron wafted through the air as the gore saturated the air around the man. There was a cart as well that had been destroyed in an equally through manner. It looked like the result of an attack by a large beast, much like the rest of the scene before the pyromancer.

Instinctually, Darius brought his magic to bear and felt the warmth grow in the palm of his hand. That very same palm then blackened before a flame leaped into existence, ready and waiting for whatever might have caused the attack. It was then that Darius heard a low growl on the dune next to him, followed by a cry of terror that was cut short by the sound of gnashing teeth. Spinning toward the source of the cry, Darius lit up his other hand to confront the beast. Approaching him, the throat of a recently slain man in his maw, stood a creature as black as night. If it had ben smaller, Darius would have called it a wolf, but it was far too large to be a simple beast. Scars carved their way across its body, and is long, saber-like fanged appeared to be the most threatening of its traits.

Darius wanted to strike, or to flee, putting some distance between the two of them before raining down hell on what was clearly a powerful creature. But he was stopped short by something be did not expect. The wolf looked up at him and bared its fangs before asking Darius who he was as he circled around him. Managing to keep his composure despite the surprise of being asked such a thing by the wold, Darius turned slowly as he followed the wolf’s movements, remaining ever-ready for an attack. Nevertheless, he spoke back, his words calm and slow as he tried to diffuse the situation. “I am merely a traveller moving through these harsh lands. Though I must ask, is that what these men were as well? Travelers set upon by a savage beast? Or is there a reason for this carnage?”
04-19-2018, 12:30 AM
The wolf kept circling around the mage, his body crouched and ready to spring. He was confident he could get close before Darius could cast, and was also pretty confident he could avoid whatever the first spell was. "These men were no travelers. They were a pack of worthless bandits that set upon trade caravans that passed through these deserts." He let out a low growl of annoyance as he passed over one of the corpses.

"A survivor from one of their raids put a bounty on them, and I just finished earning it." He walked over to another body, this one in slightly fancier gear, and nosed it over. "The leader. There's a token on him I am to take as proof of my kill. If you are not hostile, you have nothing to fear from me. If you try to take this token, though..." He turned to fix the mage in a cold stare. "I will kill you."
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