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Migantias Haos

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Famine Demon Lord

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Character's Name: Migantias Haos

Nicknames: Ruler Of The Famines, Demonic Soul Keeper

Age: 6,482

Gender: Male

Species: Famine Demon(Previous Royal)

Abilities: Soul Magic: This ability allows Migantias to preform many ritual like spells, he is able to generate and manipulate green skull like lifeful soul from the underworld that each serve they're own purpose of magic, using this magic he can conjure up portals to areas he has only been before, supportively he can preform restorative and barrier like spells from this arsenal of magic.

Crystal Magic: This is a magic that famine demons pass down from generation to generation as it's colorful exterior was what famine demons adore so much from the royal family,  he is able to generate and manipulate all sort of crystal structuring them in myriads of shapes and sizes at will, he can use a simple touch with vitka and encase things with his crystalizing once more vitka is applied. He can also form them upon his body fully or partially however it can cause some mobility issues in the long run.

Black Archive Magic: This magic allows Migantias to  be able to self generate and manipulate dark magic, he is able to conduct all sorts of spells ranging from possession of the body (with permission of course with players) to erasing certain objects from existence using a certain caster spell. Even imprisoning those in darkness chains or cages, the list can be vast however this comes at a price that he can no longer love.


Personality: Migantias is a ruthless demon who only seeks to cause destruction where ever he goes, he is evil beyond compare not caring for the vast ecosystem that antarsia has to offer, his wicked demonic nature led him to his death a long time ago. When it comes to being social he is wiling though shows a more blunt tone in his words, he doesn't know what love feels like anymore which is why evil has permanently filled his heart. His son is his only flesh and blood left though he still shows no remorse in speaking his mind even about his own child, he despises Minorta's ways about treating his demons with respect, he believes they should be bowing down to him and worshipping his every command.

History: TBD

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