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Name: Kerberos
Nicknames: Ker, War demon, Hellspawn, Sunchild
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Dragon
Relations: TBA


Solider. He is a solider. It is the only thing he's ever known. He doesn't know how not to be a solider. He will give his lie for his country and that is just what he did.

Loyal. He is loyal. He never stopped being loyal even if it caused him great emotional pain and made him want to run. He never ran. He was loyal and did what he was ordered to do. Even when he knew it would cost him the ultimate price.

Blood-thirsty. Ker is blood thirsty and loves a good fight. He had those all his life and it is how he shows pain, anger and how he vents all his emotions.


Kerberos was a large old beast at seventeen feet at the shoulder, covered primarily by blood-red scales with his underbelly and legs protected by black, chitinous plating. His back and tail were festooned with deadly spikes and glowing crimson markings, with an almost bladed tail-tip; his head was a war machine, containing a mouth filled with oversharpened teeth and framed by four protruding, ridged horns, red eyes glaring out from the black sclera. The tip of each toe contained a wickedly-curved talon, more than capable of turning an unsuspecting mortal to ribbons.
Has energy like wings where his old wings use to be before his death.

Ker's human form is a dark tall 6'7" man with blood red hair. His hair has a seemingly dark sheen as if the blood was soaked permantely into his hair. it goes to about his hips in length and he is very broad shouldered with narrow hips. His eyes are silver and slitted.


Fire. Like most dragons ge can breath fire. He is actually really adapt at fire and being what he terms a solar dragon, he can breath fire for a long time plus control the heat of his fame.

Gravity magic. The ability to alter the gravity in the area around him. Unlike his family, he doesn't control points of an area, but does area affects. His magic is meant to be anit-army with how he tries to affect multiple people in a battle and not just a one.

Light. He has some use of light magic, but it isn't as strong as his fire, but has grown over the time.

Melee fighting. Despite being a dragon he is very good at fighting in human form with multiply weapons. He spent most of his life fighting and if not fighting, sleeping and training. He made sure he lacked nothing in the art of war making it both his master, and his speciality.


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