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Haliea: 25th day

One Hell of a Show (Closed)
Kaede & Olympias
03-08-2018, 01:36 AM
Thread Status:Closed
Players involved: Andromeda, Pikku
Characters involved: Kaede(Pikku) & Olympias(Andromeda)
Setting: A Quiet Tavern, on a worn road-- a common place to whet your whistle.
Time: Current, Evening
Weather: A storm from the west is passing through, Drenching outside, and leading to those who can, to seek shelter.


This Inn was, for the most part, just a place you'd stop for the night. The Innkeeper knew it, just as his father before him knew it, and his father before him. It didn't try to be fancy, or try to wow. It offered a comfortable bed, Warm food, and a decent place for the infrequent-but-common-enough storms that rolled through. One such storm was raging right now, adding a pattering of rain on the windows, and a dull roar of it on the roof, in addition to the quiet murmurs in the tavern. A Stage for performers looking to pad their coin purses a little bit more was on the far wall, set to where anyone could see if they walked in.

It was this very stage Kaede found himself on tonight. Not many heads turned to the fox as he walked on stage-- many were busy nursing their drinks, or would barely register the music that anyone could play.

Kaede hoped to change their minds.

He Snapped his fingers, and-- almost out of nowhere, music started playing. A song with a definite beat, and one he started dancing too-- waving and moving around, literally painting a picture. Those with the power to see through illusions-- they would know this is but another illusion from the fox, of course. But, for those who could not, in an instant they were taken from the inn to a world of wonder, excitement, and action. Of Daring feats of love and lust, of intrigue and mystery, passion and cold calculations. And, with subtle nods of other magic, they could almost feel it-- the breeze from a hit almost given,  the scattering of leaves in a mad dash for survival.

And, with the final climax, the picture died away, leaving an audience that was stunned for just a moment longer, before they broke into applause, and a bow from himself.
03-12-2018, 01:37 AM
She had been watching him the whole time. Those grey eyes against dark brown skin. Her lips dyed a dark scarlet red that seemed to bleed across her as the corners of her lips slowly rose. The ivory teeth beneath that glowed softly like fresh exposed bone. Her hands slowly came together to clap for him as he took a bow. It was an entertaining show. She knew she wanted to see more from this man. The woman gave him a slight nod. She could see how the very air seemed to bend to his will when he danced and from the scent, she could tell he was no human. Too far away to make out a for sure species though.

A finger curled and she motioned him forward. She wanted to meet him. Paying off her tab, she hoped to find him near the back as she made her way towards the back. And hopefully he had seen her advance. She could hear the crowd muttering things about a good show, but she knew better. There was two types of skills that one had used. It wasn't just footwork. A small sly smile was born under her already temptations one. 

"Come out to play...." The whisper was so soft.
03-12-2018, 01:54 AM
He had seen her, as he had performed.

It wasn't a big thing, at first-- He thought she was just another patron, albeit a good looking one. But, then he felt it-- a strong power emanating from her. A very curious thing, that was. Even more so was the whispered message to him, right after he bowed. He sent a wave to the crowd, before moving next to the mysterious woman, signalling for a drink. "... Well now, It's not often I get a beauty like you to see my show. Beauty and power to match." He said softly, quietly, giving her a look. "May I ask for your name?"
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