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Haliea: 25th day

Tavern Life
w/ Horvat
02-21-2018, 12:20 AM
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Thread Status:closed
Players involved: Aquarius and Horvat
Characters involved: Auxina and Drustan
Setting: Xira > Prerio City
Time: current, night time
Weather: It's a cool night, with cloudy skies, it'll begin to rain soon as the clouds become more darker.

Auxina's wings soared the night as she was preferably a nocturnal creature but she is able to progress throughout the day time as well due to her human and bat genetics. She'd be attired with her casual wear with an average size black cloak she wore for playful dramatic effect. She skipped throughout the great city as she previously flown through, she saw many stores that were closed so as she grew hungry she stompped her feet with furious emotion. She wandered throughout the city until she made it to this tavern that was clearly open due to the lights, she would then skip over to the door knocking on it as she has been anxiously in need for some food and a home.

Her last adventure wasn't  as planned as she has yet again used her future vision which upsetted her and she also came face to face with many dragons along her journey though she didn't really have much of a home just yet. Their were times where she started to think back to the parents whom abandoned her in which then she normally crumbles her fist transitioning to angery states a few times.
02-21-2018, 09:54 AM
"It's open, you don't need to knock. Thank you for the thought though." called a grizzled voice from within the tavern before yelling at some one to settle down before he kicked them out. 

After a moment or two there was the sound of a table being broken, and with a quick warning of "Duck", a large, and heavily built man flew through the door and over Auxina's head. The thrower soon revealed himself as a tall, gruff man in a fairly old fashioned tavern keeper's dress. His most distinguishing feature, however was his transparency. 
"Sorry about that. I don't tolerate people damaging my tavern. Not while I still draw breath, that's for certain. Once I die, there will be little I can do about it, but that time hasn't come."
02-21-2018, 06:12 PM
Auxina blinked her differentiated colored eyes as she saw quite a ruckus inside the tavern, she would then take off her cloak and push the door open to go inside. Her eyes beamed of delight of the energetic people that were around though soon she got confused on where to even go at this point as she didn't want to sit next to some achoholic sweaty man. She'd then skipped to an available seat near some pretty kind looking individuals awaiting for someone to come to her to ask her what she'd like.

She kicked her feet in the chair back and forth as she waited focusing attentively on the many drinks that were beyond the counter in front of her, most were some odd looking glass bottles though which caused her to grow skeptical of what they even serve here. She then blink again once a man came to her and poked her shoulder, it was an elderly," Aren't you ah little young to be in here! Beat it kid." He demanded. Auxina smiled and stared him up and down," No thank you, I'm fine where I am.." she'd say while then turning back to the frontal view of her seat. The elderly man was quite angery due to her reply, he left out to go fetch his buddies to soon try to "rough her up" and toss her out. Auxina continued to wait.
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