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Haliea: 25th day

Dhin-Ya of Eden [WIP]
02-05-2018, 10:09 AM

Name: Dhin-Ya of Eden
Nicknames: Dhin
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Species: Or'rix

Potions: Recreational - Although it came from a lot of trial and error, after eating copious amounts of wild plants and noting their effects, he's got a few successful concoctions. Something to put you to sleep? Keep you awake? Wanna poop right now? He's got a potion brewing for that, and more.

Hypnotism - A five-petal flower pattern wraps itself around Dhin's pupil, and will being glowing and slowly spinning to start hypnotizing anyone gazing into his eyes. Although it's unlikely, it's happened before, and he prevents its effects by keeping his hair in his face. [Dhin will never hypnotize a character unless it is agreed upon]

Dirty Fighting - He's not exactly the toughest Or'rix out there, but Dhin has participated in a fair amount of Grr'dhe Graan ceremonies, and held his title as a pack leader for a solid two months! Hits below the belt, gouging eyes, biting off ears, jabs to the throat, foot-stomping, breaking joints, kicking up sand, and lots of other less-than-savory attacks are all legal to him. He fights smarter, not harder.

Impulsive - Fuckin tussle me bud

Scrappy - He's not quite as feisty as the typical Or'rix, and at times is more bark than bite, but he does have a tenacious iron-will backed up by a stubborn resolve.


Born Dhin-Ya Khoz'cialk Grir'kaalk Dhet'ku Rhoz-dhah Tuum-kig, Dhin had a rather atypical life compared to most Or'rix--He grew up in a rather large pack of several dozen others. The pack was led by an elder who had moved the clan into Eden, Sleibte, many hundreds of years ago, and everyone took on the name of the previous elders who had led the pack. In order to live within the walls of Eden, alongside the Sphynx, the elder preached getting rid of the old ways of Or'rix and living a calm lifestyle in pursuit of knowledge.

Dhin-Ya decided that wasn't in his best interest, and went on to start a new clan known as The Dire Claws, where he took in younger members of the clan who were more prone to the old violent ways. After the very first Grr'dhe Graan was held, Dhin knew that the younger members of the clan had a lot of pent up adolescent rage. After a few months, Dhin was promptly usurped from his position as leader--he didn't take into account that maybe, just maybe, not knowing how to fight would come back to haunt him. Embarrassed by his loss, he left for another pack known as The Silver Fang.
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