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Haliea: 25th day

Flora of Antarsia
01-16-2018, 07:41 PM
So the discord has been blowing up with plant ideas that I can't keep up with, so rather than risk losing some really amazing ideas, post them here!

Please use the below form to comment in this thread with your ideas!
You don't even have to fill everything out if you don't want to (seriously whatever you leave blank I or another staff member will fill it in).

Have fun y'all!!

[b]Species Name:[/b] common name (scientific name)

What’s the plant look like?


Is the plant toxic? Poisonous? Does it eat people?


What’s the plant used for?

01-16-2018, 07:58 PM
Species Name: Manapot (Potio Herbacarnevoirum)

It is not too much unlike a cross of a Corpse flower and a Venus Pitcher, with a small "Island" in the middle of the pitcher. The pitcher itself is filled with a sweet smelling nectar. Those with the ability to see Vitka are said to see small sparkles, as if free flowing Vitka is trapped inside the nectar itself.


The Manapot, thus named for it's uses in magical potions, is a carnivorous plant that lures small animals and, on the rare occasion, people, to the sweet nectar inside. Once it has trapped prey, the flower closes, and slowly devours the prey, draining the Vitka to further enhance the nectar and tempt more into it.


Since the nectar of wild manapots are rich in Vitka, such Nectar (while Dangerous to gather,) is a well sought-after ingredient in magical potions and medicines for Vitka exhaustion. Beyond which, domestically grown manapots are a prime ingredient in Perfumes, for it's sweet citrus-y scent.
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