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Haliea: 25th day

Spirit Elemental
01-12-2018, 11:29 PM
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[Image: taahira_by_jangloo-dbzt9r3.png]

Character's Name:







Pure Form: 5 inches

Human Form: 5'7"


Pure Form: Weightless

Human Form: 124 lbs


Pure Form: Genderless

Solid Forms: Female


Spirit Elemental


Magic: Taahira, unlike many other creatures, has no bounds of what type or kinds of magic she is able to use. Whether it is magic spanning across the ways of the elements, or being able to conjure up horrible things; there is no limit to what she is able to do. Yet, she does very little with anything, and keeps such things to herself.

Shape Shifting: Like their magic, they can shift themselves into any form they please; with no limits or boundaries to what they things may be. A few of her favorites would be a Unicorn, a cat, and the shape of a human being. She'd used this ability many times to blend in with the species around her.

Dance: Something she'd come into the last century of enjoying, finding peace and loving the movement of bodies as they danced.


Calm: An air of calm surrounds her entire being, able to take an situation with stride and ease. No matter how dangerous it may be. To keep a collected mind is always needed.

Social: There is nothing more she enjoys that being around others, no matter their race. Being able to shift into any form makes it quite easy to socialize with many beings of the land around her.

Gentle: Taahira is a gentle being by nature, never finding the need to harm another creature. Though, she fears even trying, as her abilities with magic could cause great harm.

Quiet: Tends to be more on the quiet side, unless she is spoken to first, she will keep mostly to herself. Though she does love to meet others, but will listen more than anything else.


Taahira was some of the first to wonder out of the forest to find more in life. Though, she'd spent much time in the forest at the start, growing herself stronger as to be able to wonder the world outside the forests of Katakarthia. Once she was ready, she left the comforts of what was once home; leaving all behind that surely held her back.

She spent many years wandering the lands, meeting and getting to know creatures of all kinds. Of course, in the forms of those creatures, rather than her pure form. It is much easier to gain the trust and learn from others when you look like them, yes? Of course it is. The more she learned, explored, and enjoyed; the more she found herself enjoying and even loving the lives of mortal and non-mortal alike creatures. One species in specific, were humans. Their lives were short, but they  lived them with as much joy in their hearts as any other creatures in the world.

Taahira enjoys the life she is living now, being around the most interesting of people and doing something beautiful as well; entertaining others with dance.
01-13-2018, 03:48 PM
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