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Haliea: 25th day

Raziel's Employee Journal
01-12-2018, 12:08 AM
Ganthor 50th, 15471

Monthly Employee Record #19236

This month we have lost a grand total of nine employees, the most of any month since opening around 2000 years ago. Employee evaluations will be made tomorrow for the remaining staff.

Employee #1
Male Human
Occupation: Chef - Dessert Specialist
Reason for termination: Deceased
Notes: Awful human being Terrible wife Alleged ex-wife came and allegedly stabbed him through the throat while Miss Chandra was away on a business trip. Court proceedings are in three weeks. If trial goes as suspected, all expenses will fall to her. Damages estimated to be worth several hundred gold.

Employee #2
Female Demon
Occupation: Chef - Vegetable Specialist
Reason for termination: Sexual Harassment
Notes: Despite her job not including sexual favors, repeatedly instructed patrons to "suck her ass." Anal suction is potentially an unsanitary act, and is not appropriate for kitchen staff.

Employee #3
Male Fema Water Elemental of Unknown Gender Identity
Occupation: Garden Help
Reason for termination: Deceased
Notes: I wasn't aware that Elementals could explode. Do not hire Elementals in the future.

Employee #4
Male Kitsune
Occupation: Whoring
Reason for termination: Falsifying Documents
Notes: This particular employee lied about his talents and measurements on his official information sheet when hired. Instead of being honest about the size of his genitalia, he used illusion magic. Many clients reported dissatisfaction with his sub-par illusory skills and even less satisfaction with his sub-par genitals. I will be adding a new rule banning illusion magic.

Employee #5
Male Elf
Occupation: Whoring
Reason for termination: Falsifying Documents
Notes: It was three children in a trench coat and not an elf.

Employee #6
Female Fairy
Occupation: Front-end Associate
Reason for termination: Unable to complete assigned tasks
Notes: Hired Employee #5. Possibly blind From now on Miss Chandra or I must be present during all interviews with clients.

Employee #7
Female Dragon
Occupation: Transit and Advertisement
Reason for termination: Damage to Facility
Notes: It is a rule that any dragon-riders are not allowed alcoholic beverages before their duties. However, we did not specify that the dragons themselves could not partake in the consumption of spirits either. Court proceedings are in nine weeks. The entire west wing of the building was destroyed, as well as our liquor supply.

Employee #8
Female Angel
Occupation: Whoring
Reason for termination: Unable to complete assigned tasks
Notes: Instead of serving a demon client with the service he had paid for, she killed him, spattering blood all over the walls and sheets. We must make a rule barring outside grudges due to the war, perhaps. Sheets and wallpapers are getting too expensive to replace when they are bloodstained.

Employee #9
Male Elf
Occupation: Front-end Associate
Reason for termination: Unable to complete assigned tasks
Notes: Also hired by #6. As soon as our contract was signed, he began to shout "Get 'em, boy!" and a small dog leaped onto Lady Chandra and licked her, ruining her makeup. After kicking him out of our establishment, we had learned that the employee in question was a Kitsune-Hunter attempting to take her life. He will not be receiving a check for hours worked, as he did not even work ten seconds.
Starting tonight, I will clear both mine and Lady Chandra's schedules so that the first of every month may be dedicated to replacing the employees we lost. The screening process will be much more rigid.

Special notes: A shipment was delayed for the garden, we will be substituting gardening mulch with manure from the animal pens in the meantime. Place a secondary order of incense, perfumes, and other aromatic goods for express delivery.

PS. With so few employees working in whoring, I fear I may have to be reassigned there. With all due respect to Lady Chandra, I would rather die.

PSS. Place an order of lubricants and oils for express delivery.
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