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Name- Balthazar the Tidebringer
Also referred to as Bringer of Roaring Tides
More fearfully, he has been called The Primordial Ocean.

Age- unknown, ancient

Gender- Male

Powers- He is reasonably skilled with water magic, and has mastered the basics of telepathy.. He can channel his thoughts along with a vocal screech to stun and paralyze his prey. This is more effective underwater.

Appearance- A long beast, Balthazar is nearly 3 miles long from nose to tail. His scales are a deep blue, providing just enough camouflage for him to get relatively close to his prey. He possesses many fins of varying shades of blue, though the main hue is purple. Webbed spines of violet extend in sections along his back. He possesses four tendrils that trail out from about a third of the way down his body. These tendrils resemble tentacles, though the tips are hardened and sharp, like spikes. A single long tailfin extends from the end of his body.

His head is dragon-like, with two frilled horns sticking out of the back. One row of massive teeth sits in each jaw, and he has two hardened horns at the back of his mouth, protecting the joint. His eyes have no set color, instead varying depending on his mood. However, they default to red, as he is almost always hungry.

Various sections along his body are bio-luminescent. The coloration of these sections usually matches his eyes, and have the same hypnotic effect.

[Image: naruhinaserpent_by_hanyoutaikyoushu-db1jus8.jpg]

Personality- When he hatched, he was like the rest of his kind: a simple beast. Time has granted him intelligence, and a degree of wisdom as well. He has moved beyond the simple pleasures of his kind, though he still enjoys them just as any other. He is slow to anger, but fierce when roused. He may help or harm any he comes across, based on his own amusement. He does enjoy tales about events on land, and is willing to trade favors for stories.

His mind is strange and alien, behaving according to a series of thoughts and morals that seem twisted and confusing to others. In spite of this, he does try to be reasonable, as long as he is not hungry.

History- Balthazar was one of the the earliest born leviathans. He has dwelled in the deeper parts of the oceans, remaining a distant figure, even to the beasts that share his domain. Over time, he has come to be known as a sort of primordial creature. Ancient and eternal, the seafolk told stories of his wrath to frighten children, while others had come to view him as the incarnation of the ocean's malevolence.

Note: Balthazar's massive size is a rarity, due to a combination of him consuming other large leviathans that he comes across, and him sustaining himself on the energy of the ocean itself, though this method lacks the ability to heal.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

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