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Name: Jarnel

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Wildblood)

Abilities: Extremely proficient in earth magic, with a few rudimentary water spells to augment it. Both come very much in handy in his sculpting, allowing him to create beautiful works of art in all sorts of shapes, practical or purely decorative. Can also pack quite a punch when it comes down to fighting.

Appearance: Six and a half feet tall, with an unruly mop of mud-brown hair. His skin is dark, and seems almost stretched over his stocky, sturdy frame. He tends to dress in rough, simple clothing, and constantly has mud under his nails.

Personality: A very rough, quiet man, with a tendency to speak in short, simple sentences during normal conversation. Has quite the soft spot for animals and children, though, and will gladly open up when  playing with them or talking about his work. Also, notably, one of the few Wildblood to manage living in a bigger community.

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