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Min-jae Kwon

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[Image: Jae.png]

[Image: Min_Jae.png]

Character's Name:

Min-jae Kwon










Human form: 5'8"

Dragon form: 8' from front feet to head


Human form: 174 lbs

Dragon from: 948 lbs


Claws/Teeth: Like any other kind of dragon, he is equipped with large teeth and claws; able to rip through flesh if needed. Mostly when it harms way or threatened in any manner (usually in dragon form).

Air magic: Ability to wip up large gusts of winds that could knock over trees if needed. Possibly not as strong as it could be, but still young in age and much more to learn in their abilities.

Strength: Being larger in build than his brother, he has a bit more muscle giving him more strength. This makes it easy to protect his smaller twin in human form.


Laid Back: Rather chill when he wants to be, if not irritated by customers that is. He will enjoy is time away from work by laying around at home or even enjoying a evening near the water.

Wary: Unlike his twin, he is a bit more wary of the people around him, never allow his trust to be taken lightly; or given to just anyone. Yet, if one does earn it, he can be the most trustworthy friend one can have.

Protective: Mostly of his brother, considering how gentle a man the other is; and always makes sure to watch over him as much as he can.

Kind: If a friend of his, he is more than kind to them. Though perhaps not as much as his twin brother, but he two of them do have their own differences of course, like any pair of siblings might.


- Born with a fire opal embedded in their forehead

- Helps run an elegant tea shop in eastern selbeit, built and run by their mother

- Scar across left jawline from early childhood injury

- Enjoys more floral teas, steeped with flowers and blossoms

- Father left before the two were born, leaving them with no male role model in life

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Congratulations! Min-Jae has been approved!

His profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that he can be added to the directory!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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