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Happy 1st Birthday Antarsia! What better way to celebrate than with a newsletter full of updates? All of this and more can be found HERE. (January 08)

New updates! Check out a bunch of our new features in our newest newsletter found HERE. (November 06, 2017)

We're late! We're late! For a very important date! We hope you forgive us as we launch October's Newsletter and event!. Check it out HERE. (October 09, 2017)

New monthly updates! We have released a sea-themed expansion along with a bunch of other goodies. Go check them out HERE. (September 01, 2017)

A time skip has been established as well as more information on the plot. Find out more HERE. (August 13, 2017)

What's this? More new stuff? New items, new species, and more! Read more about it HERE. (July 30, 2017)

Gasp! We have a bunch of new shiny things for release including species, the plot, and a new skin! Read more about it HERE. (July 12, 2017)

The site is officially open : ) We have chibis being ordered later this week and will have a new species appearing soon! (January 01, 2017)

Zombies? Undead?! No! What are these things?! They look.... Alive?! HERE.
A third oracle has died! Aerithe, oracle of Zarkos, died publically in Prerio City square of what many believe to be suffocation. Read more about it HERE.
Disaster has struck at the Shrine of Jackroth! Find out what has happened to both oracle and God HERE.
Oh no the queen! Head over to the Enkratis packlands to find out what happened HERE.
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