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Haliea: 25th day

Who invited MoonMoon??
11-04-2018, 07:15 PM
The male sat there thinking about it for a moment, trying to figure out exactly they could hunt. Smaller game may be a bit on the tricker side; seeing as their bodies were smaller and much faster than their own. Larger game though? That would probably take a few more pack members to actually take down. Hunt with magic though? That wasn't quite something he might have ever thought of, even if it wasn't quite the way he wanted to go about it today. At this point though? He was just far too hungry to really care HOW they caught something, as long as they did catch something instead.

"Alright, that sounds like a plan then, but that still doesn't answer the question of what to try and catch," he pouted softly, "I'd like something we can easily share AND be satisfied with afterwards. If that's alright with you, but I suppose either way as long as it's food... I'm fine." Rasmus nodded his head, only to stand up and next to the other.

"Well I suppose we should go look for something, correct?" he smiled softly towards her, "lets see what exactly we can find around here, hopefully something that isn't too far out though. Don't want to end up on other territory." The male gave a little chuckle, though it was quite true. Getting caught hunter out of their own territory? That wouldn't be the best thing to happen, at all.
11-04-2018, 11:38 PM
The idea of being caught on the other pack's territory made her shiver with fear. That thought had never occured to her and now she sniffed the air just to be safe and sure that they were in their own. From the stories she had heard as a pup, she had no intention of ever crossing that border. She was happy where she was and she really did hope they stayed to their side as well It would make it so much easier if both just didn't bother the other.

"Uhm... how about a small deer? That would be plenty large for both of us and if we're using magic than it should be much easier than trying to hunt more naturally," she replied to him. Her fur was trying to stand on end after the thoughts of the other pack.  It had really unnerved her a bit.

Lythium stepped forward and stopped. "The other pack wouldn't come here right?:
04-14-2019, 11:07 PM
The young male tilted his head to the side in though, taking her words to mind; would a small deer be a well enough hunt for the two of them? Hell, honestly it did rather well. As she said, there would be plenty for the both of them, meaning they didn't need to worry about someone getting more than the other. Well, unless one of them had gotten full before the other at least. With a nod of his head, he smiled towards the younger female; only to take a few steps himself.

"Huh, honestly I'm not all to sure really," he regretfully said, "but if they know better, they won't cross the territory line for over here. Besides, I'm sure we don't be going outside our own territory... At least I hope so." When was the last time he was even at their own border? Could he remember where exactly the line was? Oh goodness, he could surely hope he remembered where it was.

"Alright, shall we then?" with one more smile Lythium's way, he started to take his footing forward; deeper into the forest it seemed. There were a lot of scent to account for. Birds, rabbits, squirls, and just about anything that made it's home here. Deer though, that was the exact thing the two were looking for; though, he couldn't be quite sure how his own magic would come into play here. They weren't anything too extrodenary, not like some others in the pack.
04-18-2019, 11:37 PM
She watched him and hopped after him. Her stomach growling. She was happy to have a companion at least on this day. She hated what has been going on in the pack lately, not political mind you, but the deaths. The food was also away with the rain being so heavy lately.  Sometimes she wished grass could hold her over like deer so she could sleep in this kinda of weather and not struggle so much for food when weather was not clean. 

"Lead the way..." Her footing was a bit heavier as the moment. It seemed to get heavier as time went on as she was hungry and she could feel her energy slowly leaving her. She needed food and soon. "Do you know where some might be? No pressure, but I do need food and I'm sure you do as well."

Lyth was glad to hear that the other pack will probably not be something to worry about though. That was always good to hear.
Yesterday, 04:26 PM
Lead the way he did, through the tall, thick grass around them; it rustled about their bodies when they brushed along it. He was getting hungry himself, that was for certain, but he tried his best to keep at a light pace. Lyth, however, almost seemed to have a much heavier pace about her; which he did not mind, his energy was steadily at a slow pace declining as well. "Huh?" he turned to gave upon his companion, "OH! Well, finding them in the forest itself could prove hard, but if we find a clearing we could have a better chance. Less tress for ourselves to run it."

Rasmus chuckled lightly to himself, hopefully helping lighten the mood about finding any food. There was a clearing nearby he knew of, kind of one he liked to play in as a pup. Tall grass, easy to hide in, but wide and open as well. The deer would need to have quite the speed about them to make off into the trees before being caught. It was their best bet, though deer were large and they themselves smaller, didn't mean they would have a great time weaving in and out of the trees around them.

"Ah, here we are," he slowly crept up the the edging treeline of a meadow, "I bet we can find at least one grazing around, then we can eat~"
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